With their debut album re-released on Oracle Records, their 2nd due for release via always cool Burger Records, and while working on visa process to move to US, Iranian (Tehran) psych/garage rockers Psychic Bloom caught Last Day Deaf’s attention. This is not a typical one. Yes, you read well: Iranian psych/garage at its best!

Let’s get this on! How did Psychic Bloom emerge? In other words, how did it all start?

It all started when two old buddies hooked up again in college, back in 2008. What made us quit college was watching bands playing in an underground live concert in Tehran which sparkled the childhood dream of having a band and turning it up to a flaming desire.

An experimental psych/garage band in Tehran, Iran! I dare ask, how is living and creating in Iran these days?

Tough as hell! There is not such a scene in Iran. The music we create is quite unknown and we hardly find places to rehearse and were kicked out a few times too. Professional producers, studio men, gears, band members and whatever else come to one’s mind are barely available, and in other words illegal. Despite all tough situations, our childhood dream pushed us back in track and kept us moving forward. So we had to handle everything in our home-based bedroom studio.

In addition, why do you wanna leave Iran for U.S.A.? Artistic freedom?

Artistic freedom is definitely the main reason. The scene in the US is absolutely the place to improve, grow, and to be listened to where we can freely express ourselves musically. Since releasing the first album, we’ve got plenty of positive feedbacks from the people and well-known artists of the States. All in all, we love the culture and also the atmosphere suits our music style. On there hand, being a musician is not recognized as a real job in Iran which leads to different problems, from financial to family support and whatnot.

Your self-titled debut was released a few months ago. Would you like to describe this to our readers? I personally think it’s a gentle Eastern-Western mixture. Please discuss…

Right! The album is a real expression of our life experiences and the ups and downs we’ve been through. The Western style of Texan music combined with some personal understandings of Eastern style of Persian sound is clearly heard in the album. Before Iran’s revolution there used to be a growing garage scene which could be found down in the clubs, but never got the chance to bloom. So ‘Psychic Bloom‘ is a try over a more international sound.

‘Dead Valley Star’ & ‘Mystic Shadow’ are my favorite tunes. Could be a soundtrack to a noir-spaghetti western! Any special story behind these?

There are real stories behind every song in the album. ‘Dead Valley Star‘ is a description of the ways to life for us, using elements of Persian mysticism in western music theme. The Sun, as the the source of brightness and the ultimate goal of human to reach, implies on the only way to redemption, when no other ways are remained but the connection to inner brightness. Meanwhile, ‘Mystic Shadow‘ definitely indicates that darkness comes when the light is buried. A misdirection far away off the main way to life leads to inner and outer darkness. We actually got inspired by ancient Persian stories we have been told. It’s all about “Jinn”.

In what way do you think Iranian culture has inspired your music? Do you combine elements from your culture?

Uhm…Persia is the home to many of the best poets in the history as in Rumi, Hafiz and Ferdowsi. Ancient mysticism of Persia have influenced us a lot. Also, Farhad Mehrad has always been an inspiration in many ways, from the lifestyle to his music sound.

How would you describe the indie scene in Tehran? Other bands/acts we should pay attention to?

The artists in Iran, are mostly hard to find as they work underground. But some to say, Arash Zarifian designs artworks for bands such as The Black Lips. The other ones we know have left the country, like The Yellow Dogs Band, and Icy And Sot as a stencil artist.

Plans for the future apart from moving to U.S.A.?

Worldwide tour dates, festivals, recording and releasing the second album by Burger Records as we’ve been asked, are some main plans to mention.

Thank you for this one. Any message to Last Day Deaf’s readers?

Hi there homies, Keep your stupid dreams alive!

Christos Doukakis