Post Lovers, the solo project of singer-songwriter Eleni Karageorgou, were introduced to us in the summer of 2017 with the single “Melbourne / Going Anyway”, one of the collectable singles of the special project “A Distant Victory Singles Club”

Post Lovers play short indie folk tunes, blending a-bit-too personal songwriting with playful backing vocals, all set in a 90’s background. In their debut self-titled album Karageorgou generously shares her thoughts with the listener providing a resounding female answer to the male-dominated contemporary songwriting. 13 songs succeed one another naturally without revealing their full potential at once. Masterly crafted tunes, fragile memories and feelings have been transformed into songs that deal with the savagery of love, family and human nature.

The album was recorded in the spring of 2018 at Suono studio and was produced by Coti K.

The musicians contributing in Post Lovers are:
Stavros Georgiopoulos – bass, vocals
Danae Eco – keys, percussion, vocals
Danae Palaka – drums
Nikos Tselios – electric guitar, vocals
Eleni Karageorgou – acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keys, vocals

Out on black and green vinyl and digital album via Inner Ear Records.


Stavros Georgiopoulos – bass guitar, backing vocals
Danae Eco – keys, percussions, backing vocals
Danae Palaka – drums, percussions, backing vocals
Nikos Tselios – electric guitar, backing vocals
Eleni Karageorgou – acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keys, main vocals, backing vocals

Music & lyrics by Eleni Karageorgou
Tracks 4, 8, 12 lyrics by α.
Bass guitar: tracks 1, 4, 8, 10, 13 by Stavros Georgiopoulos, track 2 by Nikos Vrakas
Final part of track 3 improvised by PL musicians

Additional arrangements:
Bass guitar: tracks 7, 11 Stavros Georgiopoulos
El. Guitar: track 1, 4, 7, 13 Nikos Tselios
Harmonium: track 4, Danae Eco
On track 2 Christina Taskasapidou recorded 5 lines from “Poems to Czechoslovakia” by Marina Tsvetaeva.

Recorded at 2m2 home studio and suono studio
Mixed at suono studio
Produced by Coti K.
Mastered at Sweetspot studio by John Christodoulatos
Design + Package Sleeve: Panos Karageorgos
The album cover is a drawing by Eleni Karageorgou based on a sketch by Anny and Katerina Nikitaki, based on a cat named Rouga -no longer with us forever with us!