Blooming II ● by Mayfly

A collection of selected watercolors in a pastel scale.. Mayfly presents its latest work from its last stay in Ghent.  The main topic of this exhibition is the healing of traumas, the personal evolution and calmness, the love about life and whatever else consists that. Smooth brush strokes, giving flesh to the “ego” and vibrant colors connecting the human being with the nature-life, emitting a romantic dreaming about the future..
Inauguration: 13 October 18.30
Exhibition: From 13 October till the 8th of November
(Monday to Friday 11.00 – 13.00)
Free entrance

About Mayfly

Mayfly, is a self taught painter from Athens, Greece with a passion for people’s physique and soul. His experimental knowledge of social & behavioral sciences has lead him to focus on people’s emotions and place them in colorful abstract backgrounds with powerful lines. Describing his art, principles of symbolism, expressionism and marvelous realism, are always visible and respectfully followed. His artwork has also been influenced by his travels abroad with one or two central stations such as his life in
Strasbourg, France and Gent, Belgium.
“Come what May”, says he, and just like his nickname and art, he believes that each day is full of opportunities and inspiration as if it was the last.

contact: Mayfly

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