Hannes Norrvide has had a busy year, it has been only six months since the latest album from Lust For Youth was released and since then he has released the debut album of Norin in the shape of February’s ‘Bakom Planteringen‘, he has released his collaborative work with Frederik Valentin under the name Kyo with June’s ‘Aktuel Musik‘ LP and the earlier ‘Potentiel Musik‘ cassette album. Now he is ready with the second vinyl release under his Norin guise.

Reflektera‘ sees Hannes Norrvide further explore the textures of hazed out underwater acid that he instigated on his debut. On ‘Reflektera‘ it is paired with a more aggressive DNA coding, especially the track ‘Nästan‘ that closes the B-side, on which washes of static bleed into alarm like synth pulses and the nearly broken beats. Bridging the industrial patterns of his recent tape ‘Skisser Och Idéer Från Frankrigshusene‘ with the Nautical pulse of his debut.

Reflektera‘ is made up of three new tracks from Norin – three tracks that all seem to agree on a program, a program of building things for the sole purpose of tearing them down again.
Posh Isolation 179