The Greek rock band Nightstalker has been one of the most significant acts in Greece, starting in 1989. Always avoiding pompous words and keeping it simple when it comes to labels, because it is plain and simple rock as we know it from its birth, Nightstalker have built successfully their reputation for generations locally and abroad. Due to their live show on November 23rd for the 30 year anniversary of the AN Club in Athens, we found the opportunity to talk with Nightstalker and catch up with the band.

First of all, I know that it’s been about 4 months since Argyris’ health incident and now everything it’s well, but let me send my best wishes. Are Nightstalker and the playing of your music the best remedy?

First of all, I want to thank you for your concern of my health issues. Nightstalker and Rock n’ Roll has saved my life many times. Music is the only thing that keeps me sane. Good times, bad times, music was always there for me!

One year has passed since your latest album As Above, So Below (Oak Island Records). Are you already preparing any material for the next release?

Right now we are putting down ideas in the studio. We are already have four-five new songs that we are working on.

In the meantime you have re-released your first album ‘Side FX (on CD and vinyl), Dead Rock Commandos(in LP), Use (double LP) and Just A Burn which is re-mixed and re-mastered in order to have the proper sound you initially wanted. Have these re-releases been an opportunity to address new audience?

With ‘Just A burn’ and specially ‘Use’ we had the chance for a better sound that we didn’t have when we recorded those albums. So, we put them back in the studio. It sounds much better. I don’t know if we gain any new fans with these re-releases but I’m sure our fans have loved it so much that they’ll listen to it with their children.

Do you miss the old times or do you live and enjoy the present the same way?

You know, I live by the day cause I’ve been so close to death many times. I don’t miss nothing, I’m full! I prefer to live in the present, but I enjoy playing music now like I was enjoying playing 30 years ago.

Have your initial thoughts and visions when you first began as a band changed in a way, compared to the years that followed?

When we started the band we just wanted to play our music to express ourselves, and experience live. After almost 30 years on the road and after experimenting with sound, vibrations and chemical substances our vision is still the same to play music just for music.

When you play rock, the way you do, what is more important: being professional or following your heart? Have you faced any risks going the one or other way?

Well, let’s say that every time we play our music in the studio, in live concerts, we are putting our hearts out in a professional way. You know, you go to a gig to have a party. So, we have to be in a party mood and that is not always easy. But by the time you get on stage you forget everything and play our souls out. Maybe it’s good, maybe it’s not but still you get to be ourselves.

For many years in Greece we are talking about an underground rock and metal scene. Taking into consideration the explosion of rock and punk scene during the 90s and that until today there is an important and growing fan base, doe the term ‘‘underground’’ hold its initial meaning anymore?

The 90’s underground rock scene has nothing to do with today’s bands. Back in the 90’s we did have almost nothing. There was not Internet and it was very hard for the bands even to have a place to jam. Now it’s more DIY than underground, I mean the rock scene is getting bigger in Greece because we have people that they believe in it. And now you can hear our music on the radio. We’re still underground in the way we do music.

Do younger musicians approach you for advice? In addition, how do you evaluate today’s rock and metal bands?

Many times I have younger musicians asking me for a piece of advice for the career or for their band and I always give them the same advice that I follow. “Do not listen any advice“. Create your own way out of here.

You are performing on November 23rd at AN Club which celebrates its 30 year anniversary. You are also close to complete 30 years as a band. Are you planning to celebrate it as well?

First time we played in AN Club I was 21 and now I am 48. It feels to me like home. I’m sure that we gonna have a party!

Are there any plans for a tour abroad in the near future?

We are planning a European tour for spring 2018. We want to go to places that we didn’t go this year.

From which country do you have the best experience of playing live, and if you could compare the foreign audience with the Greek one, which would be the most significant difference?

I think that Balkan fans are in the same spirit with the Greeks; although we had some good times in North Europe. You know. North Europeans prefer to listen to our music and have a drink or two but the Balkan and the Greek fans prefer to dance to the music already drunk… (hahaha)

If you could write something about Nightstalker under the title Legacy, what it would be?

Some good rock music from planet Earth.

Thank you very much for your time! Stay strong and keep rockin’! Close this interview as you will.

Thank you…stay true!

Mary Kalaitzidou