Every fan of “cosmic rock”, anywhere near Gdańsk, on Friday, December 7th, should not miss the North Carolina band Nest Egg performing at 2018’s SpaceFest! Come on, let’s set the GPS for the heart of the sun, and wander away…

Welcome to Last Day Deaf! Glad to have you! So, how did it happen to form Nest Egg? Take us back to your beginning…

Nest Egg began as a recording experiment comprising mostly of myself (Harvey) and our close friend Cyrus Shahmir.  He still works on all of the records with us. Somehow I managed to rent the ability to go into a studio here in town and use it whenever it wasn’t booked. I’m pretty sure I was only paying $150 a month. You couldn’t rent the trunk of a car for that now, and this was only seven years ago. We did an LP during those sessions that was called billion year voyage to god. It was a really fun time. Lots of open playing and equipment exploration. That was the first Nest Egg release, I think it came out in 2012. I started playing with Ross and Thom in 2013. We released our first demos as a full band and started touring that year.

In 2018 you have released 2 albums: ‘Nothingness Is Not A Curse‘ on awesome label Fuzz Club Records, and the more experimental ‘Blank Deeds‘ on eclectic Eye Vybe Records. Why 2 albums, on 2 different labels with a different sound?

It wasn’t really a conscious effort. ‘Nothingness Is Not A Curse‘ is more of a representation of who we are a live band, and generally what we portray on record. We’d always wanted to do a more spread out side long kind of tape so when Eye Vybe Records approached us about doing a cassette for our tour this spring we went in the studio and did two improvisational sessions which became ‘Blank Deeds‘. I think it’s nice to have short run releases available that explore the more bizarre sonic spaces that excite you.


You recently performed at All Senses Festival, along with some great acts such as Bongripper & Telekinetic Yeti. Was it fun?

Yeah it was a real nice time. I really like the Midwest and the quad cities are a special place. I’ll have to admit that it’s been a while since I’ve listened to a lot of stoner/doom kind of music but Bongripper was pretty great.

Let’s play a game with words now. In a few words describe the following:

– Psych – mind expanding.

Kraut – a fermented cabbage condiment commonly served with sausage.

– Cosmic – kosmic.

– Fuzz Club – a nice group of people that have been kind enough to release our music. I’m looking forward to meeting them.

– Oneida – one great band and also the name of an unrelated cult that started a kitchenware company.

– Politics – miserable hellscape


Always wanted to ask you about your incredible opus ‘Set The GPS for the heart of the sun’ and I guess now it’s the opportunity! What’s behind this godlike inspiration then? Would you like to share the story behind this gem?

Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you like it so much. That song is going back pretty far, pretty sure it’s one of the first songs we wrote. I think it was on our first demo tape in 2013 before we re-recorded it for the respectable LP that came out in 2014.

I remember being outside of our practice space and hearing some people in an alley beating on some buckets. They had a nice rhythm that sort of bore itself into my skull. We went inside and whittled the idea until we had the song together.


Are there any current bands that you admire? Would you like to name a few for our readers?

I’d say the vast majority of what we listen to lies in ambient/drone music, noise, avant jazz and other kind of non “band” music. Of course we also spend a lot of time listening to bands from the past that have influenced us. As far as contemporaries we do get to see a lot of great bands when we’re traveling. I’m not even sure where to start.

I like what Total Control is doing. Seems like there’s a lot of interesting stuff going on in Australia right now. Eddie current suppression ring is a related project. And smoke bellow hails from Australia, as well. I like all of those bands a lot.

I like some new industrial music. I’ve been listening a lot to a duo called HIDE from Chicago. They’re very good. Chicago has a great music scene. Probably my favorite in the country. That’s where eye vybe is from and all the eye vybe related projects are great.

Oh I almost forgot Acid Mothers Temple. They’re my favorite. A truly psychedelic band. I feel like that word gets thrown around so frivolously, this is a real example of a band that is, in my opinion, actually psychedelic. Japan has an amazing history of that sort of thing. Les rallizes denudes mean the world to me, Boredoms are fantastic, and even in modern times Kikagaku Moyo are making great albums and releasing great things through guru guru brain.

Searching on the web for previous interviews of yours, didn’t manage to trace anything. Do you try to avoid them or just n interest?

There are a few out there. I tend to shy away but you caught me at a good moment.

What’s on the horizon for Nest Egg then?

When we get back to the states I’ll fly out to Los Angeles to mix our new album with Cyrus. Hopefully a west coast tour in the spring will follow. That is if California hasn’t completely burned down by then. It’s really scary what’s going on out there right now. I hope they can get it contained soon. It’s such a beautiful place.

So, should the audience at SpaceFest!, get ready to “set their hearts at the GPS for the sun” then?

Maybe so. Bring some buckets just in case.

Photo credits: Joshua Marc Levy (2nd one)

Christos Doukakis