Neoclassical Suite is a column that will present 7 recent, distinctive tracks of the neoclassical-modern classical-contemporary -and beyond!- music field. 

Note: All Bio/about sections provided/written by the artists.

The Players

Magnus John Anderson

(featuring Annika Blomfeldt and Jan Strand)

(modern classical)

“Stockholm-Berlin-based Magnus John Andersson has been active in the music industry since the 1990s. He has collaborated with several successful artists including Clay Aiken, Super Junior and Rola. Now he is emerging from the studio as an artist in his own right with a debut neoclassical piano album.” (Magnus John Anderson)

Jade Ashtangin

(crossover classical, solo piano)

“Jade Ashtangini is a musical yogini, Modern Classical Pianist, Composer, Cellist, Yoga Mantra & Kirtan Chanter/Singer, Yoga Teacher, Photographer based in Dallas, the U.S. and Taiwan who loves music extremely. She has been classically trained since her childhood, the music composed by her is so soothing and graceful, some are even quite lively rhythms. Her music genres are modern classical, contemporary, minimalist, new age, classical crossover, ambient, yoga meditation, mantra/kirtan, and she sings for her own songs sometimes.

Her singles, “Mother Earth is Calling,” “Life As It Is,” “Long Time Sun(Instrumental) ” and “猫のぬくもり” have been featured on editorial station such as Relaxing, New Age Instrumental and AMP: Fresh Cuts by Pandora Music. What’s even more pleasing is that her latest single, “A Rainy Day in Temple” has been also featured on Spotify editorial playlists of “cottagecore piano,” and ” Rainy Day Piano.”

For Jade Ashtangini personally, music is the greatest spiritual nourishment in life, and she enjoys being immersed in the beautiful music of her daily life. She loves to compose calming piano, cello & spiritual yoga music for people to practice yoga, meditate, study or simply just to relax. Do enjoy her seductive music while you’re listening to music.” (Jade Ashtangin)

Piano House

(crossover classical, solo piano)

“Piano House is the soundtrack to your life! Whether hiking through meadows, getting married, studying or falling asleep, Piano House can give your life that extra element of contentment that zens out each moment of your existence.” (Piano House)

Thomas Lehmkühler

(neoclassical, solo piano)

“Thomas Lehmkühler is an experienced producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist who won over the judges of the 2020 German Songwriting Awards with his melancholic but hopeful piano piece ‘VIRUS’. He composed (TV report) hundreds of songs, produced (Reality Studio) in different genres and has already published several musical apps. As an independent coach (Online), he also passes on his knowledge to young artists. (Thomas Lehmkühler)

Kevin Stahl

(post-classical, ambient)

“Kevin Stahl is a composer for film, video games, and stage living in the USA.” (Kevin Stahl)


(modern classical, cinematic)

“Croptal is the stage name of Tal Yaniv, an Israeli musician and keyboard player. Member of Avtipus band (platinum record 1995) and an independent electronic musician.” (Croptal)

Alexandra Stréliski


“An artist of Polish Jewish origin who grew up between Paris and Montreal, she made her debut with the 2010 album Pianoscope, but the general public discovered her via Jean-Marc Vallée’s films Dallas Buyers Club (2013) and Demolition (2016) and, more recently, the trailer of the acclaimed HBO series Big Little Lies (2017). The aforementioned support of Jean-Marc Vallée, which allowed Stréliski’s music to be heard during the Oscars ceremony in 2014, brought her streaming numbers up to nearly 15 million and seen her play sold-out concerts at the Montreal International Jazz Festival in recent years. UK newspaper The Telegraph praised her debut album as “distinguishable by its simplicity, its sensitivity and softness. (Alexandra Stréliski)

The Music

Christos Doukakis