Our first sampling of ‘The Ghost of Orion‘ has arrived in the form of ‘Your Broken Shore‘, the first single and opening track to My Dying Bride’s 13th album. The English doom metal band joined forces with cellist Jo Quail and Wardruna vocalist Lindy Fay Hella on certain tracks to create a crisp and invigorating sound. It’s also the group’s first studio LP with drummer Jeff Singer after departures from Dan Mullins and mainstay Shaun Taylor-Steels in recent years.

Lead singer Aaron Stainthorpe has stated that ‘The Ghost of Orion‘ is “a new album for a new era of My Dying Bride with fresh faces and a more accessible style compared to some of their past, highly technical releases.” If you’re interested in checking the latest single out – ‘Your Broken Shore‘ – you can find the seven-minute-er down below along with cover art & the LP track listings, but sadly no tour dates as of yet! ‘The Ghost of Orion‘ is due out March 6th via Nuclear Blast.


The Ghost of Orion‘ Tracklist:

1. Your Broken Shore

2. To Outlive The Gods

3. Tired Of Tears

4. The Solace

5. The Long Black Land

6. The Ghost Of Orion

7. The Old Earth

8. Your Woven Shore

Sarah Medeiros