1. WRONG – ‘Zero Cool

The former members of Torche and Kylesa formed WRONG in 2014, a noise rock/alt metal band which promises with their moody and aggressive sound to never compromise. Their second album ‘Feel Great‘ will be released on April 13th via Relapse Records.

Mary Kalaitzidou

  1. Jon Hopkins – ‘Emerald Rush

The electronic producer/pianist from London, Jon Hopkins shared a new video for the track ‘Emerald Rush‘ from the upcoming new album ‘Singularity‘ which is due for release on May 4th  via Domino. After many albums and collaborations  the music genius, whose music ranges from solo piano to melodic electronica and electro, gives for another time a ‘massive’ track/taster from his new upcoming album, that makes all fans eager for the upcoming release. Enjoy!

Eleftheria Gesou

  1. The Last Drive – ‘Snakecharmer’

Snakecharmer‘ is the first track to be released from The Last Drive‘s upcoming album planned to be released on the 20th of April by Labyrinth Of Thoughts and The Lab Records. Brilliant lyrics accompanied by an addictive tune, ‘Snakecharmer‘ makes a dependable herald of Last Drive’ s imposing comeback with a new promising album. Just raise the volume and enjoy!

Vasiliki Nousa

  1. Tinariwen – ‘Nànnuflày

Since early 00’s, Tinariwen have become the main driving force of the Malian rock scene, playing an excellent blend of blues, rock and traditional Tuareg music. Their latest video for ‘Nànnuflày‘ from their latest full-length release ‘Elwan’ is an eye-melting experience. Animators (Leo Schweitzer, Remi Bastie & Axel Digoix), colorists (Clara Franciosi, Marine Beaucaire & Hugo Garnier) and director  Axel Digoix have done an excellent job to sereve the story-line: “In the Sahara desert, an old Tuareg man comes back to the camp where he grew up for a party. He remembers the joys and the torments of the nomadic life he lived with a friend who has since deceased: memories from their naive childhood in the sand dunes, the adventures they lived during their teenage years, the fights and the dramas of their adult lives… Their friendship tells us the story of hearty people living in lands of loneliness.”

I wonder, if you can listen to Mark Lanegan & Kurt Vile too?

Christos Doukakis

  1. Dark Door – ‘Caos

Dark Door is an Italian darkwave/electronic duo (Mario D’aniello-vocals/synth, Federica Velenia-synth) from Napoli, Italy. ‘Caos‘ is taken from their album ‘Inferno‘ (Synth Religion, 2017), and it’s an addictive tune for all “creatures of the night“. Get up and dance!

Christos Doukakis

Compiled by Mary Kalaitzidou, Eleftheria Gesou, Vasiliki Nousa & Christos Doukakis