1. Realitycheck – ‘The Signal

Soundcloud does magic mixes. Yup! After Ikonika‘s latest track ‘Where Is Your Wife?‘, this electronic gem came next. Realitycheck‘s ‘The Signal‘ is one of those tracks that with a pure 90’s trance-y feel, that build up the mood for a magnificent Saturday night. This one is a free DL, so head on to the Soundcloud, burn it on a cd, and prepere yourselves for….

Christos Doukakis

  1. Ikonika – ‘Where’s Your Wife?

Sara Chen aka Ikonika, the Hyperdub‘s dubstep DJ and producer, recently revealed her latest work, ‘Where’s Your Wife?‘. She ‘teamed up with EMI Production Music to produce a new album of music primed for use in TV, film and elsewhere.’ So, Ikonika in new adventures: Library music this is! 136 seconds of cinematic excellence are more than enough for Sara. Trust me!

Christos Doukakis

  1. God Is An Astronaut – ‘Epitaph’

The Irish post-rock band God Is An Astronaut are releasing their 8th album ‘Epitaph‘ on April 27th via Napalm Records. As the first track that shares the same title with the album reveals, it is going to be a very moving album, which deals with loss and sadness.

Mary Kalaitzidou

  1. Son Lux – ‘All Directions

New York band Son Lux, has by all means created a genre of its own. It’s utterly impossible to resist in the uniqueness of the latest video ‘All Directions‘ (from ‘Brighter Wounds‘, City Slang); An audiovisual heaven of heavens! Post-rock, soundtrack music, neoclassical, contemporary, electronic, R & B, need more? 10 minutes that made 2018 a better year than this is. This is a beauty, everyone should ‘feel’. One of the best tracks of this year… And the best so far!

Christos Doukakis

  1. The Boxer Rebellion – ‘Here I Am

I can still recall the mind-blowing debut album ‘Exits‘ by London based quartet The Boxer Rebellion back in 2005. Back in the day, I had got the cd for merely a few pennies (was living in Chester then) and the rest is history. Fell in love with the band…

Now, some 13 years later, back in Athens, Greece, listening to their latest gem ‘Here I Am‘ the spine-chilling feeling is totally the same. Looking forward to their upcoming album ‘Ghost Alive‘, out on March 23rd. Well, Here they are

Christos Doukakis

Compiled by Christos Doukakis & Mary Kalaitzidou