1. RÊVERIE – ‘i remember u’

Kicking off this last “Songs of the Week” round-up, before the looong summer break, with a stunning pice of art; Amsterdam-based three piece RÊVERIE, an all girl-‘rock’ band aging from 17 to 23 y.o., came literally out of nowhere to gift us with one of 2020’s most powerful & memorable experiences. ‘i remember u‘ is a song this song about grief and depression, while the jaw-dropping visualizer is about creating your own world for an attempt to escape. For genre-freaks the sound lies somewhere between ambient and electro pop, unlike anything else you’ve heard before really, and we strongly recommend to put on your headphones to live this opus at its maximum. Worth mentioning are the lysergic beats after 2.20 reminded us of Nine Inch Nails‘ ‘At The Heart Of It All‘. Yes, they are immense and distorted!

Reading the press release, singer Sara-Devika Matyus wrote this song about grief. ‘What’s really important is the memories you have of someone or they have of you, I think there isn’t much else you can do but to ‘give yourself to someone’s eyes’, basically making yourself a memory.” adding “Sometimes it can feel like we’re all just waiting for the end of the road

I’ll wait for mine
You’ll wait for mine
But I can’t wait
Give me to your eyes
I can’t wait
Give me to your eyes
I’ll wait for you
But I can’t stay
Give me to your eyes

Christos Doukakis

  1. Versing – ‘Red Wave’

Seattle based group Versing shared a split single ‘“Red Wave” b​​/​​w “Once Bitten”‘ this weekend. Upon first listen it sounds comforting and familiar to any Sonic Youth fan but it’s too well executed to think of it as merely a soundalike. Dreamy and throbbing in the beginning, smooth harmonizing, and a rad drummer all compromise a gorgeous track for getting lost to in the woods. Not that it’s recommend you get lost in the woods per se, just lose yourself. Check out ‘Red Wave‘ below.

Sarah Medeiros

  1. Marissa Nadler  – ‘moonrise’

Haunting mezzo-soprano Marissa Nadler has released a thirteen minute collection of ambient works this past week. ‘moonrise‘ is the first single from the Bostonian off ‘moons‘ and brings to mind all the David Lynch-esque memories you’ve been suppressing. The dripping, the rises and lulls, all speaks of a ceremonial moonbath meant to hold in a pondering meditative state. As Nadler herself puts it, “these songs are hopefully relaxing to you.”

Sarah Medeiros

  1. Kendl – ‘Turn’

Hope you are ready for a dreamy journey with more than proficient “tour operator” Kendl, the musical project of Australian, multidisciplinary artist and composer, Jesse Kendal. ‘Turn‘, which is the first single from Kendl’s upcoming EP, ‘Dreamlike‘, is ‘a mix of organic and electronic instrumentation as well as a library of his own field recordings‘ and an accomplished admixture of idm, minimal electronic and ambient music. The cinematic element is intense all through the track, while the warm synths, while the accessible textures 7 rhythm will provide a dramlike journey floating between troposphere & stratosphere.. Wanna stay there!

Christos Doukakis

  1. Magic Bronson – ‘Surfin’

Last one before summer break, and we go ‘Surfin‘ with Magic Bronson. Los Angeles born-and-based duo’s first single from the upcoming album ‘Tell All Your Friends‘, is an ultra-catchy treat, balancing between indie pop, electro, garage rock and surf, while ‘celebrating the power of friendship in the midst of uncertainty‘. Matt Lieberman (bass, synths and lyricist) and Michael Nicastro (vocals, synths, production and lyricist) have gifted us with another indie ‘firecracker’… Enjoy!

Christos Doukakis

Compiled by Christos Doukakis & Sarah Medeiros