1. GELD – ‘Infrasound’

Infrasound‘ is the first single to find it’s way in our airspace from GELD’s upcoming ‘Beyond The Floor‘ LP. The Melbourne based hardcore band’s single is barely over a minute in length but it certainly gets it’s point across. Screamo filled with loathing, the rager for this week! According to sources (GELD themselves), the writing of ‘Beyond The Floor and ‘Infrasound‘ was fueled by “pills, meth, booze, weed, DMT, hate, betrayal, fear, love, depression, addiction, denial and broken bones.

Infrasound‘ definitely draws from those sources, so listen to it right this instance for a minute of hate. The aforementioned album will be jointly released via Seattle’s Iron Lung Records and the UK’s Static Shock Records by the end of the month.

Sarah Medeiros

  1. Vintage Crop – ‘Gridlock’

Yet another Melbourne based band on this mixtape, Vintage Crop have released ‘Gridlock‘, a standard garage punk jam centered around being stuck in traffic, and the aggressive nature that’s brought forth. The “unbalanced riff-work” that Vintage Crop is a fan of compliments the essence of annoyance, frustration, and fed-up-ness one is used to feeling in gridlock. You can find ‘Gridlock‘ on ‘Serve To Serve Again‘ out via Upset The Rhythm & ANTI FADE records on August 7th.

Sarah Medeiros

  1. Twin Dive  – ‘Say His Name’

No this is not just another song about the tragic murder of George Floyd. This is a punk noise anthem by Denmark’s Twin Dive, spitting the words in the atypical chorus: “Come on America, you got oblivious...”

The definition of an ‘abrasive mineral’, featuring killer, ‘bulldozer’ bass, a vocal performance bringing in mind the ‘Album Generic Flipper‘-era Flipper, ‘torn apart’ guitar riffs and some wicked drumming.

This hymn is in solidarity with the ongoing protests for racial equality. Embrace & be part of the change. Before you act, listen!

Christos Doukakis

  1. Light Screamer – ‘Dawn’

This defo has to be one of the most intense ‘mixtapes’ so far on LDD. Light Screamer hail from Sweden and ‘Dawn‘ is the focus track from the band’s just released album ‘Reap‘. The track is an intense, alternative rock/post punk/noise rock amagalm, with a unique guitar performance by living legend Brett Bradford from cult, noise rock band Scratch Acid, but also a powerhouse vocal performance and thunderous drumming. Play this loud!

Christos Doukakis

  1. Lila Tristram – ‘Our Friends’

It’s high time to ease the tension, with Lila Tristram‘s, haunting, folk ballad, ‘Our Friends‘. The singer-songwriter’s eerie & stunning vocal performance, echoes ideally over the ambient, folk, sonic tapestry, to create a unique listening experience, in which every second counts as multiple breaths of positive sensation… Finely-calibrated & poetic….

Christos Doukakis

Compiled by Sarah Medeiros & Christos Doukakis