1. White Denim – ‘Work’ 

A rooster beckons you to wake up at the beginning of White Denim’s new single ‘Work‘ and before you have enough time to open your sleepy eyes, you’re transported into a grooving riff-filled six minutes of new wave.

The Texans also released ‘I Don’t Understand Rock and Roll‘ as the a-side to ‘Work‘s b-side, and you’ll be able to find both on their latest album ‘World As A Waiting Room‘, due out May 8th. The LP was written and recorded in 30 days during quarantine this spring, so one might expect contemplative jams.

Sarah Medeiros

  1. Lunakid – ‘Bleed’

Next up we ‘meet’ with Berlin based musician Konstantin Dellos, and his electronic outfit Lunakid. ‘Bleed‘ is the most recent audiovisual treat, which borrows elements from 90s trip-hop, industrial (in the vein of legendary Nine Inch Nails) and big beat, and leads to a cathartic climax after the clock reaches the 3rd minute mark.

The video by Igor Imhoff is among the most exceptional I have seen in a while, and is ‘the result of the elaboration between drawing and traditional animation with artificial intelligence software‘.

Brave enough to enter this one of a kind dystopia?

Christos Doukakis

  1. Pip Blom  – ‘Sell by Date’

Dutch alt-rockers Pip Blom released a deluxe version of their 2019 debut LP ‘Boat‘ this past week, with ‘Sell By Date‘ as one of their bonus tracks. The single is breezy carefree fuzz pop, reminiscent of Alvvays and Camera Obscura. Perfect for soundtracking the road trip to a crowded beach you’re taking only in your mind at this moment.

If you’re digging this new release you’ll be happy to hear that Pip Blom, the singer/guitarist behind Pip Blom, finished the demos for their second album recently. Before you start thinking ahead too much give ‘Sell By Date‘ another listen.

Sarah Medeiros

  1. JEĀN CLĀUDE – ‘God Of Grace’

How could anybody (dare) describe a single like ‘God Of Grace‘? It’s one of those very rare moments when the expression of emotion in the singing voice is so immense, that simply makes you forget everything. JEĀN CLĀUDE is a worldy singer, songwriter, pianist, & composer and this is his grandiose debut track.

I was told, live by you
Change for you, take the blame too
You were told, be there for me
And care for me, not leave me be

Hearts are broken, chips are falling
Mends are taught, to be rough
And the sacred, grounds are shaking
And mends are taught to be rough

Verse 2
I was told we all turn gray
Fade away disengage
But what if we were one
No more killing wars and guns

Chorus (repeat)

And the world is sacred
Take the best of me & take heed
And all you wondered, all you wanted
And all you wanted was, to show
You’ll be alright alone


Christos Doukakis

  1. The Malibu BeachBand – ‘Rise up to Pray for the Dawn’ (alt. version)

The Malibu BeachBand is a Danish collective of accomplished musicians, whose ‘architect’ is the producer and composer Tomas Raae. Their latest offering carrying the imaginative title ‘Rise up to Pray for the Dawn‘ is a 6-minute, ear-melting listening experience, perfectly balanced between psychedelic folk & dream pop; A flawless track from its inital seconds until its last ones’ fadeaway, leaving us begging for more. You see, this song belongs in the category of those, that you don’t simply like or even adore.. They just grow on you, your soul, and get under your skin, straight to your heart… Timeless!

An out-and-out masterpiece for all those ‘dreamers’!

‘Rise Up To Pray For The Dawn
Sleepers, you know what to do
Stay in your beds ‘till we are through…’

Christos Doukakis

Compiled by Sarah Medeiros & Christos Doukakis