1. New War – ‘Redbeard USA’

Redbeard USA‘ by Aussies New War, may very well be one of the anthems for new global dystopia; Recorded live back in 2017 (fast-forward to present day!), with the aid of Melbourne Town Hall Grand Organ, the repetitive, post-punk pattern, a “shaman” spitting words, the track builds up to an unparalleled pipe organ explosion, with nobody left intact. The new era is here… “New War” has begun!

Trouble In The Air‘ is out on Heavy Machinery Records.

Christos Doukakis

  1. Memoryse – ‘WHATCHU GOT HOE’

Hope you are ready for an adrenaline dose of solid hip-hop, mixed with trap elements and glitchy electronica, and an unexpected slo-mo ending! French act Memoryse will take care of this with his new gem ‘WHATCHU GOT HOE‘, so all you have to do is pump up the volume and let it flow… Dope!

Christos Doukakis

  1. Krallice – ‘The Wheel’

Everyone’s favorite Brooklyn-based metal band Krallice just released ‘The Wheel‘ off their upcoming untitled album that’s due later this year.

Over three minutes of soothing heavy grinding, it’s precisely what one needs in the time of COVID-19. Filled with ample guitars and scratchy howls. If you’re already a fan of Krallice you’ll have even more to enjoy.

Sarah Medeiros

  1. Gridfailure – ‘Day Terrors’

Black   shoegaze    group    Gridfailure   released  ‘Day Terrors‘ this  past  week, five minutes of crunchy assault. Screams echoing through a haze of glitches, grotesque bellows, and difficult to describe effects, ‘Day Terrors‘ entrances you towards wanting  to solve   a fantastical  mystery  of sound; and while leaving you no answers, it was certainly well worth being captive.

Sarah Medeiros

  1. Shitstorm – ‘(I’m) Fucked Up’

St. Louis, Missouri label Sinkhole Records‘ latest, fifth, offering is the 3-track EP by US citizens Shitstorm. Matt Stuttler – Guitar / vox, Karl Frank – Guitar, Andy Kahn – Bass & Austin Fogel – Drums, create a powerful blend of psychedelic rock, garage and aggressive punk rock, all filtered via an honest diy spirit. The release is at “name your price”, so head on to their bandcamp, and support those heaps. Play loud!

“…just a regular guy, in a fucked up world…”

Christos Doukakis

Compiled by Christos Doukakis & Sarah Medeiros