1. Delv – ‘Two Shadows’

Philly songwriter and producer Kris Leigh and her solo indie electrofolk project Delv, recently released ‘Two Shadows‘. The song is ‘about two lost people finding one another, they wander together with no destination. But because they have each other, the experience of being lost is magical, realizing that the only moment is now, that there is no real place to go that matters more than their journey‘.

Four and a half minutes of intense tranqulity, eeri vocals and gentle melodies ready to “carve your soul”. Utterly beautiful!

Christos Doukakis

  1. Blanck Mass – ‘The Devers’

British electronic project Blanck Mass – the solo work of Fuck Buttons member Benjamin John Power – has released a couple pondering, broad brushstroke tracks this past week. Both are from the soundtrack (a Blanck Mass venture in it’s entirety) of the upcoming feature film “Calm With Horses“, a debut by director Nick Rowland. Surprisingly ‘The Devers / Jack’s Theme‘ is much lighter than previous releases by the typically pulverizing, trashy noise artist, and instead is more along the lines of Kavinsky; something you would hear in a “Drive” or “Blade Runner” film. Check out ‘The Devers‘ here!

Sarah Medeiros

  1. Joe & The Shitboys – ‘‘Life Is Great You Suck’

Not to categorize or anything but… Joe & The Shitboys, the bisexual vegan punk band from the faraway archipelago of the Faroe Islands (unless you’re the one Last Day Deaf reader from there?), are releasing new singles off of their 2019 debut album ‘The Reson For Hardcore Vibes‘ which is need of a little more love in 2020!

Check out the latest, ‘Life Is Great You Suck‘, a track that’s peppy and the not so grunge like version of Nirvana and Nirvana soundalikes.

Sarah Medeiros

  1. Dark Patterns – ‘Flip Flop Mantra’

Berlin trio Dark Patterns self-describe themselves a DIY “drum & gaze” electronic post-punk band. Their most recent release  is creatively entitled ‘Flip Flop Mantra‘, and unleashes a  futuristic, -but more  playful  than dystopic, vibe-, blended with psychedelic and electronic elements. Imagine all of the aforementioned with an almost robotic vocal performance, but why don’t you better press the play button below?

Christos Doukakis

  1. Wardruna – ‘Grá’

Norway’s pagan folk music project Wardruna need no special introduction. ‘Grá‘ is a first taster of their new album ‘Kvitravn‘ (June 5th, Music For Nations) and all the elements we admire of them since 2009 plus Tihu the wolf (!), are in this remarkable work of art. Stunning and vital!

Christos Doukakis

Compiled by Christos Doukakis & Sarah Medeiros