1. Death In Vegas – ‘Consequences Of Love

Consequence Of Love’ is the second single taken from Richard Fearless’ forthcoming new album ‘Transmission’,  the sixth under the Death In Vegas moniker.

Two decades of intriguing sonic experiments, pushing the boundaries (since his 1997 debut ‘Dead Elvis’) of indie-rock, krautrock, cosmic disco, minimal techno, acid house, electro and IDM, and dj sets of flawless musical taste (‘Heavenly Presents Live At The Social Volume’ on React, 1999).

The loss of two laptops of an entire album material’s worth, stolen from his London studio, has caused him to reconsider his working approach : tired of a routine band setup, he opted for a return to his techno roots based mainly on the close producer/singer relationship, focusing also on the live performance aspect.

And just while reading an interview he was attracted by the powerful and witty personality of the former porn-star,  aTelecine’s singer and writer Sasha Grey and her love for Chris & Cosey and Throbbling Gristle did the rest: his dark muse had been found.

Not only Grey contributed lyrics and vocals to the new album, but also collaborated with Fearless on an audio/visual performance that premiered at the Berlin Atonal Festival 2016.

The song gorgeously conjured the Fearless’ dark analogue synth electronic pulsations with Grey’s alluring spoken-word vocals, an unsettling tale of love lost.

Are you ready to follow their electronic trip into the obscure and dusty highways of the human mind? This is just the beginning…

Enjoy the Dario Argento/Monte Hellman influeced video below, directed by Richard Fearless himself :

Fabrizio Lusso

  1. Воронмрак – ‘Старокомаринский тракт

Воронмрак is a dungeon synth / dark ambient artist from Russia. He is the owner of Flecktarn Productions and has a large collection of his own albums released through the label. ‘Старокомаринский тракт‘, or transliterated into English “Starokomarinsky Path”, is his latest single, which has an extremely somber feel. The track depicts an early morning excursion through the cold and foggy northern mountains of Russia, filled with a persistently dark loneliness. Close your eyes and float into another land for 8 minutes with Воронмрак.

Michael Barnett

  1. Cold Cave– ‘The Idea Of Love

Since summer is not over yet (one more month to go), I chose that tune for September’s Mixtape, because it is the brand new carbonated venom from Cold Cave. Cold wave music designed for putting the lyrics on the lips, training the body for winter’s grooves on the dedicated dancefloors, and this one is a real original. Enjoy!

Mike Dimitriou

  1. Xarah Dion – ‘Cap Tourmente

Montreal’s analog synths diva Xarah Dion is increasingly a reference point in the minimal wave scene.

A classically trained musician playing piano from a young age as well as the organ and harpsichord and a unique performer, she is on the verge of expressing all her outstanding personal talents with the release of the forthcoming sophomore album ‘Fugitive’ .

Xarah has gradually devoloped her signature sound, rooted in experimental, minimal, italo and post-punk influences, but enriched with imaginative melodic and rhythmic arrangements and mature musical sensibility.

Cap Tourmente’, inspired by the first attack against civil aviation in North America which happened over Cap Tourmente (Quebec), is a stunning new millenium darker take on the late ‘70s Giorgio Moroder/ Donna Summer glorious sound, with the emotional and lustful voice of Xarah flowing into compact layers of analogue synths and drum machine beats.

A committed artist of rare talent to be taken care of as the most precious jewel.

Fabrizio Lusso

  1. Bat For Lashes – ‘Joe’s Dream’

Since our love to Natasha Khan, and her Bat For Lashes‘ project cannot be hidden, I couldn’t resist in choosing ‘Joe’s Dream‘ as one of the tracks for the first, summer-hangover Mixtape of September, the latest single taken from the band’s latest ‘The Bride‘ album. Hauntingly beautiful!

Christos Doukakis

Compiled by Fabrizio Lusso, Michael Barnett, Mike Dimitriou & Christos Doukakis