1. Otoboke Beaver – ‘yobantoite mojo’

yobantoite mojo‘ is Otoboke Beaver’s latest single following the release of their’‘Itekoma Hits‘ LP back in April. The Japanese punk band were commissioned to create the track as the opening theme for the new series “Susumu Inmate and 8 Mojo“. While this music writer doesn’t understand a lick of Japanese, I do comprehend how tight the rhythm section and vocals sound while shifting from different sections: the Alvin and the Chipmunk / anime drone, the more outwardly punk, and the driving, heavy outro – all within a minute and forty seconds. Check out the joyously weird single below.

Sarah Medeiros

  1. Marathon Runner – ‘Alone’

Bands like Marathon Runner and their latest track ‘Alone‘ prove that good old indie is more than alive & kicking in 2019. A melodic, but not mellow, catchy indie/lo-fi gem for those that dream of Beach Fossils and wake up to Beach Slang. The (mainly) personal vehicle of U.S. citizen Michael Foderaro is ready to conquer our indie hearts after his 2017’s debut album ‘Better Days Ahead‘. Lets give him a chance. Or, perhaps lets give ourselves a chance for some great indie music!

Christos Doukakis

  1. Joel Jerome – ‘There’s Nothing Here To Bother You Anymore’

and i know that i didn’t have a clue, what i had with you
and i know that i want it again, only not with you
cuz i want it to be new
when i’m all inside of you
no matter, the feeling’s gone

Above is the introductory verse from Joel Jerome‘s bittersweet indie rock gem ‘There’s Nothing Here To Bother You Anymore‘. Joel performs in a great, cool way, but manages not to lose the feeling, unleashing a unique indie identity, not to mention the ear-melting guitar work and the divine whistling. Feeling so full, in such an empty phase…. Grandiose!

Christos Doukakis

  1. Super Cassette – ‘Monster’

Super Cassette‘s ‘Monsterexamines addiction and mental illness through the lens of a metaphorical monster. The track is setting off in a tame, almost quite, atmospheric way to become an “in-your-face” indie rock banger. The synth work is pure magic and ideally combined with an expressive vocal perfomance. An impressive, well-produced indie rock song with electronic elements, and above all a vital and important lyrical subject. Bravo guys!

Christos Doukakis

  1. Glass Spells – ‘Mirrors’

A band that has supported acts like Alice Glass, PRAYERS, Moving Units, Van She & The Growlers among others, cannot and shouldn’t be ignored. Their name is Glass Spells, and their track is called ‘Mirrors‘ a pure danceable new wave/synth-pop treat with a great, balanced, vocal performance and synths that will rocket you to “wave heaven”. On repeat this pop-wave anthem!

Christos Doukakis

Compiled by Sarah Medeiros & Christos Doukakis