1. Pram – ‘Doll’s Eyes’ 

Have you ever wished upon a star for the existence of more experimental tracks that mesh twinkling sounds of a nursery, the bounce of a Middle Eastern influence, and the soothing ramble of American ‘20s jazz, all in one? Well you’re in luck: Pram‘s ‘Doll’s Eyes‘ owes to all of that and more – including the star-wishing. Check the single out along with the fitting music video asap!

Sarah Medeiros

  1. MONKEY3 – ‘Prism

Instrumental rockers MONKEY3 have buckled up for their next interstellar journey: nestled somewhere in between space rock, psych, stoner and progressive, this four piece is infamous for its onstage intensity that has crowned prestigious festivals such as Roadburn Festival, Hellfest and Desertfest. The Swiss act managed to distill and concentrate its cosmic soundwall on its seventh longplayer ‘Sphere‘ down to Pink Floyd-esque surfaces that collide with gritty riffing and noisy outbursts. Tunes such sm ‘Prism‘ soar with crystal-clear melodies and dreamy jamming that really turn ‘Sphere‘ into an incomparable astral trip. On tour in Spring 2019 with Samsara Blues Experiment!” the press reads.

Out via Napalm Records on April 12th.

Mary Kalaitzidou

  1. Allegaeon – ‘Extremophiles (B)’

Allegaeon from Larimer County, Colorado are releasing their fifth studio album ‘Apoptosis‘ on April 19th via Metal Blade Records. The band’s sound is mostly labeled as technical melodic death metal, however there are influences from classical music, progressive and thrash metal.

For the new album the label stated: “With Apoptosis, Allegaeon have delivered their defining statement. A near-perfect symbiosis of technical, progressive, and melodic death metal, it is a record that is as crushingly heavy as it is inventive, lithe and intelligent, and marks a significant leap forward in their songwriting.”

Mary Kalaitzidou

  1. Pleasure Symbols – ‘Image Reflected

Pleasure Symbols from Brisbane/Australia, shared recently the debut single ‘Image Reflected‘, with its official video directed by Alex Dunlop, announcing that they are back, with their debut full length. The darkwave/ post-punk duo is dropping its debut album on March 24th via the Italian label Avant! Records, while it’s clear this time that their sound is influenced from the 80’s era post-punk, and specifically from the dreamy goth sound of that period.

Eleftheria Gesou

  1. Total Drag – ‘Pacific Coast Highway’

Pacific Coast Highway‘ is the opening track from the just released album ‘Redhead‘ by Total Drag. Tony, Oscar, Josh and Daniel, form the quartet, a dream pop/shoegaze one from Costa Mesa/California. Get yourselves ready for some DIY, instrumental, eleusive dream pop.

Eleftheria Gesou

Compiled by Sarah Medeiros, Mary Kalaitzidou & Eleftheria Gesou