1. Tindersticks – ‘Willow’ 

Following Nottingham’s chamber pop crooners, Tindersticks, since the early 90’s, have to admit that I’ve never been disappointed. ‘Willow‘, their latest track from the upcoming film “High Life“, featuring actor Robert Pattinson. is a hauntingly beautiful composition, that will keep you company for days, or preferably nights….

This could easily be the soundtrack when entering heaven. Can you feel the breeze of lyricism? Absolutely stunning…

The soundtrack is set for release on April 5th release via Milan Records (North America) and City Slang (Europe).

Christos Doukakis

  1. Drainflower – ‘Touch Me

Touch Me‘ is a track by the indie pop/dream pop band Drainflower from Vancouver who recenltly shared their self titled and self produced three track EP. A brief introduction to get to know them: They are a trio consisting of Jerico Lussier, Cam Cowx and Stuart Fuller and play catchy guitar-driven, poppy melodies with seductive, dreamy vocals.

Eleftheria Gesou

  1. Nothing – ‘Pattern After Us’

The acclaimed shoegaze band from Philadelphia, Nothing, after their third album ‘Dance On The Blacktop‘ (Relapse Records) surprise their audience with the recent release ‘Spirit Of The Stairs – B-Sides & Rarities‘, containing unreleased songs and b-sides. For this week’s mixtape we chose ‘Pattern After Us – DOBT B Side‘. The collection as a whole is worth every last minute (and the enigmatic female “caricature” is again on the cover like on DOTB album. Who knows what’s behind this?

Eleftheria Gesou

  1. Dreadnought – ‘Besieged

Dreadnought from Colorado release their fourth album ‘Emergence‘ today May 10th via Profound Lore Records. Dreadnought’s music is a fusion of progressive, psychedelic rock, folk, doom and post-black metal which is delivered with the vocals’ dynamic by the two female musicians of the band Kelly Schilling (guitar, flute) and Lauren Vieira (keyboards).

Mary Kalaitzidou

  1. She Keeps Bees – ‘Coyote’

Coyote‘ is the sublime first single from Jessica Larrabee (guitar and vocals) & Andy LaPlant  (drums), the duo behind She Keeps Bees, and their upcoming album ‘Kinship‘ dropping on May 10. This is an excellent 4-minute indie folk track “colored” by Jessica’s charismatic voice, and above all is in remembrance of Katie Lee, a folk singer, actress and environmental activist.

Press the play button and read the lyrics. Pure perfection…

I’d rather be a coyote
Katie Lee says
rivers deserve to be free
open mining
in waterways, historic parks
lifeblood, the lungs of the Earth
stop short
no other spaceship like her
carved wooden birds adorn her
swam in potholes and waterfalls
bathed in desert rose soft blush
stands her naked body
carved by sand, by wind, by dust
carved by rain, by rivers, by streams
flood the canyons
drown everything
ignore the rules of balance
watch destruction of the sanctuaries
wildflowers to circles to spirals from 50 AD
gathering pine seeds
Canyon Glen curving
flood the canyons
drown everything
ignore the rules of balance on Earth
watch destruction of the sanctuaries

Christos Doukakis

Compiled by Christos Doukakis, Eleftheria Gesou & Mary Kalaitzidou