1. Malevolent Creation – ‘Mandatory Butchery’

Brett Hoffmann lost his battle with cancer this July, however as he had claimed through the lyrics of their 1991 album “no one can destroy this Malevolent Creation”. Therefore, the co-founder of the band Phil Fasciana decided to keep this statement real and release ‘The 13th Beast‘, that is the 13th album of the legendary death metal band. It is due to be released on January 18th 2019 via Century Media.

Mary Kalaitzidou

  1. DullBoy – ‘Dragonfly Blues

I wonder how could anybody resist in the magnificent beauty of ‘Dragonfly Blues‘? A track that sets its moody trip-hop atmosphere from start until its very end. DullBoy come from Nice, France and they perfectly combine the dark textures of post-punk, the dream-pop atmosphere, the new wave aesthetics and the (90’s) trip-hop culture in this perfect treasure. Furthermore, the vocals remind us of the unique Icelandic “mistress” Björk. Stung!

Out on Alternative Moose Records.

Christos Doukakis

  1. TSHA – ‘Sacred’

What I adore most of TSHA‘s 2nd release of this year, ‘Sacred‘, is the feeling of freedom & euphoria it unleashes. She is patient enough to build-up her electronic very own universe gradually, transforming a “plain” melody (genius sampling!) to a pure electronic banger glowing with quality and maturity.

Christos Doukakis

  1. Downfall of Gaia – ‘As Our Bones Break to the Dance

Downfall of Gaia were formed in 2008 in Germany. They shaped their sound around 2010 which incorporates doom, sludge and post-rock/metal influences. In 2012, they signed with Metal Blade Records and on February 8th 2019 they are releasing their fifth album ‘Ethic of Radical Finitude‘.

Mary Kalaitzidou

  1. Brass Calf – ‘things you tell me’

things you tell me‘ is a new song from a new band. The four piece Brass Calf from Chicago, Illinois released their second single for 2018 ‘things you tell me/saints. After the debut ‘Disembodied Voice‘, in March. At the same time Brass Calf grabbed the opportunity to share their future plans in recording to announce that their debut full length is going to happen in a year or so from now.

Their music is set in the dream pop and indie pop ‘fields’ with many influences and elements from other genres like post punk. Lets hang out with them for about three minutes and get to know them.

Eleftheria Gesou

Compiled by Mary Kalaitzidou, Christos Doukakis & Eleftheria Gesou