Meander is the electronic/ progressive trance project of Michael Fourlas. His latest full-length ‘Singularity’ (Uxmal Records) was a pure blast, and he will be performing (live PA) at the Omnia Festival Pre Event on February 17. On this occasion, Last Day Deaf had a chat with this prolific electronic producer…

Cannot start without introducing Meander project to our readers. So, be my guest then: How did Meander come to life?

Behind the Meander project from Athens, (Greece) is Michael Fourlas. Born in Feb 1983 I discovered the temple of electronic music in 1998 and became addicted. So in 2002 I started studying audio engineering and music technology.  In 2005 I began playing powerful psy-progressive Dj sets and organizing events. After years of playing in several parties and several studies in sound, it was a question of time to start producing my own music.

Having been active since early 2010’s, how would you describe the experience so far? Do you believe Greek audience is keen on progressive trance? I am asking this one, cause I was among the lucky ones to have lived the 90’s phase with legendary venues like Alsos, Battery, and of course Life FM, when Psy & Goa trance were the “trend”… Please discuss.

My first release came out in 2008 so in fact I was active before 2010. From all my experience I keep the most important things; and these are the trips which give you new experiences and the vibe of the crowd in to any magical place, I’m happy to say many of them were in Greece. I really don’t have the knowledge if the audience knows much about prog trance but I’m sure that the Greek audience knows much about electronic music, is well informed most of the times and knows exactly what wants to listen, meaning that it is a tough crowd and one must play special to move some asses. Greek crowd from the beginning of the trance era was there, from the first parties at X movie theater, Alsos, Varimpompi, Battery, until the unique Samothraki Festival 2001 which changed everything to my life.

Your latest full-length ‘Singularity‘ was released via Stratil’s and Zonka’s Mexican label Uxmal Records and was a killer one! Would you like to enlighten us about its emergence? Which were its main elements?

Uxmal Records is a very friendly record label and iI decided to work with good friends who make proper and professional job. ‘Singularity‘ was a powerful progressive album with crazy grooves and lots of spicy psychedelic elements, composing a deep atmosphere and creating a unique style. I’m glad for this co operation but in this point I want to keep as a surprise my new plans and releases.

On February 17th you are going to perform a 2-hour (!) live set at Omnia Festival Pre Event. What are you going to present to the audience that night? Any new tracks?

On 17/02 I will present 4 new tracks and many of older hits.

How was your latest live experience at Space Progressive • XMas Eve Special 2017, past December at The Place? Did you enjoy it?

I enjoy every time playing music from the smallest hole until the hugest festival, every event is unique and every crowd gives you something special. so I enjoyed the X-mas event and I’m looking forward for the Omnia Festival Pre Event.

The “Space” element is easily noticeable in your music. Are you a sci-fi movies fan? Space observer maybe?

Yes I agree, it is easily noticed that I’m really affected from mother space, one of my favorite themes is time paradox if you add the neuroscience and the happy hippie culture you will unite a big piece of my puzzle.

Which progressive trance acts would you consider the most outstanding ones within the last years?

It’s difficult to speak for only one live act, and it is getting more difficult when I must separate the music genres, I’m in love with electronica from the roots to psytrance. Most favorite ones are experimental-idm; Some people call this as cinematic, dark progressive and forest music.

Last but not least: Please choose one of the following: Psy or Goa?, Dj or live?, India or Mexico?, Black or white?

Of course: Psy – Live – India – Black.

Christos Doukakis