Marco De Marco false experience –  Pop Nation (LDD08, Last Day Deaf)

We feel more than excited to share our 8th exclusive release for our label, by Italian (Milan based) artist Marco De Marco (from J Orphic) and his electronic/house project Marco De Marco false experience. Ultra-cool for the summer!

File under: electronica, house, chill, deep house

-Front Cover-

Marco de marco

-Back Cover-



1 – Emergency Please Call

2 – Scream Of My Sun

3 – Avenue Style

4 – Acid Rain

To stream or download LDD08 follow this link.

Liner notes:

With the support of some of my friends I finally decided to launch my project “Marco De Marco false experience”. All my visions of the cybernetic / electronic world live in this project, they live in the hypnosis of a civilization now driven by a digital hand.”