22 years ago Leftfield released their most influential , and enormously successful LP ‘Leftism‘, a classic now state-of-the-dancing-art monument. I know you love it, dance(d) to it, handed it over and over again, great memories, great joy! What they announced is a joyful shock, so I copy it as it is: “It’s been 22 years since Leftism. So to celebrate, we’ve remastered the album and added 11 new remixes in a special ‘Leftism 22 ’CD. We’re also heading out on tour, to play Leftism in its entirety in May. After many years of not being available, we’re also releasing the original Triple Album version of the vinyl, remastered and re-cut.
Pre-orders available NOW, and the fan ticket pre-sale starts at 9am, Wednesday 22nd February both available at leftfieldmusic.com

You can see it yourselves at their Facebook page  and track them here.

So to celebrate, pump it up and let it will bring you the most innocent of memories.


Mike Dimitriou