Last Day Deaf is happy to announce that is the Media Partner for the 22nd October unique live appearance of Dr. Albert Flipout’s One CAN Band, that will take place at ILION Plus, Athens, Greece. Blues’ fans shouldn’t miss this one!

The event is organised by the restless Merlin’s Music Box.

Interview – Dr. Albert Flipout’s One CAN Band

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Dr. Albert Flipout’s One CAN Band – Bio

From the book of One Man Bands “head, Hands and feet” by Dave Harris

CHAPTER: European Blues and Others

Dr. Albert Flipout’s One Can Band

I struggled over where to put Mickey in the book but settled on the blues section, as much of his music is blues rooted.
Mickey Pantelous (born Athens Greece, May 22, 1973) is the man behind this act, a Greek/Danish OMB who draws on early Jazz/cabaret and blues, ‘60s garage rock and acts like Captain Beefheart and Tom Waits to create an attractive blend of original blues/rock/ Americana. He played drums as a teenager in heavy rock bands, discovering the blues and the guitar at 17. During military service in the Royal Danish Air-force he wrote his first songs, gigging in Athens during his second military stint in the Greek Army. By 2003 he formed the Chess-mates, gigging and buskin. He did some soundtrack and acting work, forming his OMB in 2008. His setup includes driving grungy slide guitar, harp, bass drum and a can attached to his left foot that acts as the snare drum (the “one CAN band” name).
I asked him about why he became a OMB, “Cause it’s better than being an SOB (just kidding). Well I’m a songwriter I’ve always been writing my own songs. I started out as a drummer but I was never satisfied with the front of the bands (guitar players, singers etc.) so I decided to step up front myself. I made a band mostly doing my own stuff, but then I had a hard time running the whole thing. I couldn’t get people into my trip. I wasn’t very good at booking gigs and arranging rehearsals and no one else in the band did anything and when some of the musicians started cancelling gigs cause better ones had shown up, I simply shooed everyone away and was left alone with two choices… give up music or do it yourself. So I invented this character ‘Dr. Albert Flipout’ the CAN so things won’t get too lonely and that’s about it. On top of the Hi-hat you’ll see another character… That’s our beloved Jess (she keeps an eye on things)”
His excellent 2010 CD, Can’t find my pills can be sampled on his Myspace site or bought at cdbaby.com. The sound is really catchy, at times recalling British blues/rock a la Yardbirds meets Jet, as on “People talk about you baby”. “The Madhouse is on fire” is another interesting blend of influences, even evoking a Jethro Tull flavor. It sounds like light production has been used to enhance the sound. Dr. Albert can also be seen on Youtube playing several songs including a Tom Waits influenced “Hangover”. Well worth checking out.