We feel great to announce that Last Day Deaf is one of the Media Partners for the 5th Soundtrope Festival on Wednesday, December 5th, at Polychoros KET-TV Control Center, in Athens.

An audiovisual performance combining experimental music with visual arts and dance.

Participants: Michalis Kalkanis, Giannis Anastasakis, Thomas Sauerborn, Matthias Schuller, KOSTADIS, Dora Zouba, Guido De Flaviis, Polar B, Raissa Mehner, Orestis Benekas, Lambis Kountourogiannis, Natalia Manta, Vasilis Tzavaras, Solis Barki.

The Soundtrope Festival celebrates its 5th year, presenting its program in Athens, Berlin and Ioannina.
It is a festival of contemporary arts, restless, strange, foreign but intimate, which since the very first day of its existence seeks to host and be hosted, to travel and to take root … In cooperation with the NRW KULTURsekretariat, it hosts a series of modern and remarkable artists presenting in Athens, at the Television Control Center, a show in which interaction and collaboration among artists will have the first say.

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