Last Day Deaf is proud to announce that is the Media Partner for the 30th December live appearance of William Maybelline‘s solo project QUAL (Lebanon Hanover), that will take place at Death Disco (Athens, Greece).

With QUAL, William explores a much darker and gloomier soundscape of minimal synth.

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QUAL – About

Septic discharges of cybernetic disease seeps from every orifice. Welcoming a post apocalyptic nuclear winter. With terror and restless chaos cometh the digital age condemned to be digitally transformed. Cometh hybrids, mutated humans a depletion of organics.

Vile visions, despaired in a frowning black tower of pain. Concealed yearns of a desolate heart, trying to scratch that unscratchable rotting itch from within. Centuries of sorrow drenched in gloomy electronics that palpitate like human passions. A call for help… “