Last Day Deaf is excited to announce that is the Media Partner for the 11th May live performance of, Athenian alternative/rock and roll band Penny Dreadful‘s carrying in their luggage their latest album ‘Pilgrimage‘, who will share the stage with the  all-star one group Dead Sidewalkers (Rockin’ BonesThe EartboundFalse AlarmWidow PitSugah GaloreMama Sings FireOff), that will take place at ILION Plus, Athens, Greece.

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Interview: Penny Dreadful

Interview: Dead Sidewalkers

Penny Dreadful – Bio

Penny Dreadful formed in March 2010 by a company of friends.

Their name derives from a type of British fiction publication in the 19th century that usually featured lurid serial stories appearing in parts over a number of weeks, each part costing a penny.

Influenced by the Australian and American alternative scene, as well as Americana and alt.Country, Penny Dreadful’s sound is sometimes electric and wild while other times it is eerie, dark and dreamy.

The lyrics either recount stories about tattered characters or deal with the experience of loss and make-believe.


2010 Sweet November Sessions (Demo CD)
2013 “Deadwood CD/vinyl LP
2017 “Pilgrimage” CD/vinyl LP

Exclusive Tracks for Compilations:

2017 “Burnin’ Hole” on “Tropic of Rhino V. 1”

Dead Sidewalkers – Bio

The Dead Sidewalkers came out of the – practically non-existent – sidewalks of Athens in September 2016.

Eventually, they had to get out on the streets, following on the steps and sounds of artists from the US and Australian punk and garage rock scenes; however, they refuse to be pigeonholed or labeled. They’ re all seasoned veterans and hope to keep on playing forever.

The Dead Sidewalkers are a tight group of musicians and wish to remain as such, because they like it.

They are:
Spyros Doulgeridis – drums & vocals (ex-Rockin’ Bones, The Eartbound, and False Alarm)
Harry Gelestathis – lead vocals (ex-Rockin’ Bones, Widow Pit)
Konstantinos Kopanakis – guitar (ex-False Alarm)
Theodoris Stavrianos – bass (ex-Sugah Galore, Mama Sings Fire, Off)

The Dead Sidewalkers are currently writing material for an album and preparing for live gigs.