Last Day Deaf is more than enthusiastic to be the Media Partner for the live appearance of the uprising noise rock duo from London which turn their backs when shouting JOHN, on Friday, February 28th, at Temple Athens. Believe us a guitar and a drum set are more than enough to knock the whole building down! These dudes make some really good noizz!

The Athenian garage/post punk quartet Μινέρβα (Minerva) will be supporting JOHN, with a brand new album in their ‘luggage’, called ‘Konserva‘. So, this is an absolutely unmissable double bill!

The event is organized by the restless Primitive Music!

A contest will run for a free pass (one lucky chap this time!), and also our 9+1 Q&A for both bands. So, stay tuned!

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“Taking the mundane spirit of their name as a manifesto, Crystal Palace based two piece JOHN (both members aptly named John) offer a deadpan approach that has become the recognisable force of their live performance, with an almost mechanical solidity rare for only two bodies. Alongside the rhythmic synchronisation of guitar and drums, introspective lyrics suggest that literature and spoken word are just as important influences as the Punk, Noise and Rock genres they might comfortably fit into. This tight balance between content and volume has lead them on to stages with bands such Pulled Apart By Horses, USA Nails and Idles, as well garnering support from writer/actor Simon Pegg and XFM DJ John Kennedy.”

Μινέρβα (Minerva)

Μινέρβα (Minerva) is an Athens-based garage/post-punk quartet that came in light in the last days of 2017. Three former schoolmates (George, Dennis and Jim) born and raised in the tropical city of Korinthos, reunited after years at the wrong place in the wrong time, and the result was a band with garage rock influences and unlimited thirst to play live music. Some months after, the band decided to extend its musical spectrum, and as a result its fourth member (Spilios) joined in. After sharing the stage with some household names from the greek underground scene (The Cave Children, The Steams, The Noise Figures, Whereswilder, Bazooka) Μινέρβα released their firs self-titled EP “Βέλβετ / Mama Shoe” in digital format, on September of 2018.
In February 2020 after a ton of live shows all over Greece (Korinthos, Aigio, Patras, Kalamata, Leonidio, Sparta, Heraklion Crete, Samos) and taking part in some of the biggest summer festivals in Greece (Ζiria Festival, Under The Sun Festival), Μινέρβα are holding in their hands their first full-length album called “Konserva” both in digital and vinyl form.
If there are three words that can describe Μινέρβα, those would be: Moustache, Garage & Desire!