Last Day Deaf is excited to be one of the Media Partners for the 3-stop Micro tour (Thessaloniki, Athens, Ioannina) of Jane Doe, NORMA & Blame Canada, three notable Greek rock/alternative bands in recent years.

Three bands, three cities

In this weird and interesting collaboration, three bands from three different Greek cities meet in three different stages presenting their explosive live energy. Jane Doe from Thessaloniki, NORMA from Ioannina and Blame Canada from Athens will share the stage in the following dates:

31.3.17: Eightball Live Stage, Thessaloniki

1.4.17: ILION Plus, Athens

7.4.17: Irida Rock Bar, Ioannina

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Jane Doe

Jane Doe is an indie/ alternative rock band from Thessaloniki, Greece. Formed in 2007, they released their first album , “Heaven for Dogs” in 2008, from Run Devil Run records with Nikodimos Triaridis on the production helm. In a pioneering move for the time, the band allowed their work to be digitally distributed for free in with over 2500 people downloading the album thus including it that year’s top lists and reviews.

In 2013, Puzzlemusik records releases the second album titled “The Enormous Head of King Splendid”. With producer Nikodimos Triaridis, Jane Doe turn fifteen favourite comic books into songs to critical acclaim.

In the spring of 2014, “Revolution Diaries” is released through Puzzlemusik, this time with producer Nik Logiotatidis. The band’s music has transformed into a more direct and guitar driven force. The band also releases “Recipes for Refugees”, a second album in the same year which is in a different musical direction the band has ever taken. Alongside Puzzlemusik records, Recipes for Refugees is given as free download with the purchase of Revolution Diaries.

In 2011, the EP “Stories about Waves” was released, and a digital single in 2014 was marketed as a promo for the band’s last two albums. Jane Doe’s music has been included in numerous compilations. In 2016, they release the EP “B612” in which they cover 3 of their older songs and present and new one.They have headlined in most of Greece’s major clubs and venues and have opened for many acts such as A Place To Bury Strangers, Crippled Black Phoenix, O.Children and Nite Fields.

With an ever increasing arsenal of songs and a dynamic live show, Jane Doe’s future is looking bright.

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“NORMA” is a Greek rock band formed in Ioannina City in 2006.In 2007 they released an amateur production of their first demo, consisting of 5 tracks. Α song of the latter was selected and released in 2009 from the Greek collection of independent bands of LYRA and 902FM («Unsigned United»).

In February of 2010, they released their debut full length album by the independent company “Rana Records”, and Nikodemos T. was the production supervisor.

In October of 2011, the band released the second album entitled “ENANTION”, in production of NORMA and Nikodemos T., released also from “Rana Records”.

In April of 2015, they released their third album entitled “O TEMPORA, O MORES” by the independent company “Noisyland Recordings”, in production of NORMA and Panos Papakostas (Noisyp).

In the album «O TEMPORA, O MORES» participates also the late Thanos Anestopoulos, the lead singer of the Greek legendary band “Diafana Krina”.

In October of 2016, they released their latest EP  by the independent label “Noisyland Recordings” in production of NORMA and Panos Papakostas (Noisyp).

If you want to download the music of NORMA, you can go directly to the official websites of the band ( and of course you can go to all online stores (itunes, spotify, amazon, cdbaby etc.). Also, you can find the albums and merchandise of the band in every single live performance.

NORMA members:

ThodorisTsironis – Guitars | Lead Vocals

Georgia Mantziou – Bass |Backing Vocals

Costas Bellos – Guitars | Backing Vocals

Steven Christides – Guitars

Christos Papagiannopoulos – Drums |Percussions

Othon Papadopoulos – Samples |Engineering

Links: the band

Blame Canada

Blame Canada is a 5-piece rock band from Athens, Greece. Formed in 2014, they try to combine their influences from British post-punk, american indie rock, shoegaze and psychedelic rock. They released their debut album, titled “City We Love to Hate” in December 2016.



Youtube Channel: 0jnA_n9g