Last Day Deaf is excited to announce that is the Media Partner for the 14th July live appearance of the trance-inducing primal heavy psych trio from Philadelphia, U.S, Ecstatic Vision, with support acts desert groovers Shallow Waters  & the four piece psych rock outfit from Preston, Tero Culero. All these will take place at the always selective The Continental, South Meadow Lane.Preston, UK.

Stay tuned for headliner’s interview!

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Philadelphia trio Ecstatic Vision have toured with metal acts like YOB and Enslaved, and they’re signed to the metal-associated label Relapse Records, and they look like a metal band.

But Ecstatic Vision’s sound only occasionally intersects with metal, and when it does, it resembles bands like Hawkwind or Monster Magnet or Earthless.

These are tripped-out, sun-baked, cloud-high psychedelic jams drawing from free jazz, Krautrock, and Afrobeat, resulting in music that lives up to the lofty promises made in both the band’s name and their album’s title. To the extent this stuff might be conflated, confused, or associated with metal.

More aptly, though, it recalls the old Spacemen 3 album title (and mission statement), Taking Drugs To Make Music To Take Drugs To. (To be fair, I have no idea if any of the guys in Ecstatic Vision have ever so much as considered a single toke; their music, though, suggests they have vast experience with all number of hallucinogens.)


Spiralling desert grooves, crunching stoner tones, innovative lyrics, howling guitar solos and a tidal wave of psychedelic ambience collide together to form the sound of Shallow Waters.


A four piece psych rock outfit from Preston, Tero Kulero throw a multitude of disparate musical elements, riffs and drones at the wall, stick them through effects and a pasting table full of synthesizers, before finally drowning it all in a wave of reverb.

Ecstatic Vision:

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