Last Day Deaf is excited to announce that is the Media Partner for the 6th May live presentation of Aλcmene‘s debut album ‘Kill The Girl‘, Αlkmini Chatzinasiou‘s pop-rock alter ego. Opening act will be Garvin.

Aλcmene Line Up:
Haris Botsis – Keys
George Koutsoukis – Guitar
Mampre Kazardjian – Bass
Theo Christodoulou – Drums

Sunday night, May 6th,  you know we’ll be at FAUST Bar-Theatre-Arts. Hope you will also be!

Organised by: FAUST Bar-Theatre-Arts

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Aλcmene – Bio

“Oh how lovely! You are singer! And what do you do for a living?”, she quotes ironically, revealing that that’s the most frequent question about her!

Born on October 1st, Aλcmene a.k.a. Αlkmini Chatzinasiou is a professional pop/rock singer from Greece. Being raised in a musical environment, as her father was a great saxophonist and pianist and her uncle is the famous composer George Ηatzinasios, Aλcmene knew from the young age of 7 that singing would be her long-lasting dream. Brushes and candles apparently looked like microphones to her and so her father decided to send her to local conservatories to learn how to play the piano and join the regional choirs. After finishing high-school, she took singing lessons at the National Conservatory of Athens, at Philippos Nakas Conservatory, as well as private lessons with Natasha Tsirou (The Mighty N). Some of her influences include Janis Jophin, Bonnie Tyler, Anouk, Beth Hart and Skin (Skunk Anansie). She, also, admires Greek singers Tania Tsanaklidou, Dimitra Galani, Elli Paspala, Eleutheria Arvanitaki and Alkistis Protopsalti.

Since 2003, Aλcmene has been in many bands and music projects, performing either as lead singer or backing vocalist to some famous Greek artists, such as Dimitris Korgialas, Zak Stefanou, 1550, Dimitris Fakos, Dimitris Liolios and many others. Besides her musical occupation, she has also worked as a journalist for several years, after completing her Mass Media & Communication studies at the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens.

In 2011, Aλcmene joins Angeleye’s Project, a music project created by Agis Angeleye (Agis Aggelomatis), the bass player of greek pop/rock band “Ena Vima Mprosta”. A few months later, Agis records his first solo album, named “For You”, choosing Aλcmene as his lead vocalist. In February 2013, Greek record company, FM Records releases the album.

Nowadays, Aλcmene has completed her debut full-length music album, written and produced by upcoming composer and producer Marie-Anne K, titled ‘Kill The Girl’. The album was funded by Indiegogo’s Crowdfunding platform.