Kadebostany  is a Swiss band from Geneva.

Guillaume Jérémie ‘Kadebostan’ is  the composer/producer, and  Kristina Yakovleva is the vocalist, also playing guitar and bass. Marc Veuthey is at drums, Jaafar Aggiouri at saxophone/bass, and Ross Butcher at trombone.

Monumental is the 3rd album of the band, after their debut ‘Songs From Kadebostany‘ (2011, as The National Fanfare Of Kadebostany) and ‘Pop Collection‘ (2013).

Μore poppy, more melodic and truly inspired with marvelous melodies, ‘Monumental is the most delightsome album they have ever recorded. Their music planet presents a personal style of dance pop with symphonic parts and military drumming sometimes.

Songs like ‘Voodoo Love‘, ‘Monumental‘, ‘Rising Empire‘, ‘Soldier Of Love‘ are dance pop moments with typical-Kadebostany symphonic style. ‘Time Bomb‘ starts in an acoustic way, and presents an excellent, distinctive refrain. ‘Cathedral‘, and ‘Frozen To Death‘ with military drumming and an excellent finale, are basically acoustic songs, and ‘I Still Believe‘ features theatrical vocals that bring to mind Shirley Bassey. ‘Kill The Noise‘ is another highlight; an awesome ballad with discreet piano and softly warm vocals by Kristina. A Special report for the fantastic ‘MONUMENTAL – Chapter I‘ EP:

Mind If I Stay‘ is another brilliant highlight of dance pop perfection with awesome refrain/bridge and wonderful almost broken vocals of Kristin:

 “I’m just a man lost in space

Calling out, hoping to hear something back, something back

Early Morning Dreams‘ is an earmark Kadebostany track with a choral refrain, and ‘Joy & Sorrow‘ is a powerful electronic pop with a beautiful refrain and an excellent orchestral part before the end οf the song. ‘Save Me‘ is a downtempo pop perfection.. Personally, their most beautiful song.. Melancholic, with atmospheric refrain, almost heavenly at 2:18.

If you wanna stay growing up with me

If you wanna go I’m the one you need                                                                      

If you wanna stay growing up with me

If you wanna go I’m the one you need

Without a doubt, this is one of the most beautiful songs of this year. Try listening to some remixes of ‘Save Me‘. Dim Zach remix, in particular, is an excellent melodic dance version.

Finally, ‘Eternal Boats‘ closes the album in an awesome way. ‘Monumental‘ surely is one of the best albums of 2018. A bouquet of stunning pop songs; A pure beauty.

Theodoros Rentesis