If you are a music lover, Mr. Johnny Marr needs no introductions. Nevertheless, since we are here to both educate and entertain, we will say a few things about the man.

Born on 31st October 1963 at Ardwick, Manchester, Mr. Johnny Marr, the great English guitarist and co-songwriter of The Smiths, one of the most breakthrough & influential band in ’80s alternative rock, offers us his 3rd brilliant, solo album ‘Call The Comet‘.

We loved him as associated artist with The Smiths, The Pretenders, Talking Heads, Kirsty MacColl, Electronic, The Charlatans, Modest Mouse, Pet Shop Boys, Hans Zimmer, Marion, Black Grape, The Cribs, Noel Gallagher and many more.

Call The Comet‘, was released on 15th June 2018 by New Voodoo Records, and is one of the most amazing albums of 2018. 57:56 minutes of pure alternative guitar delight.

Listening to the two singles, The Tracers‘ (released: 6 April 2018) and ‘Hi Hello (released: 11 May 2018), we understand that something great lurks here. ‘Call The Cometis a level higher than Marr’s previous solo work; definitely his best solo album yet.

The opening song of the album, ‘Rise, is the first highlight. Excellent guitar riff start, a rhythmical part that leads to a fantastic dramatic refrain; The most awesome refrain that I have heard in 2018 till this moment! “Fires are looming, now look what they did...”  Stuck on repeat! With ‘Actor Attractor‘ you drift into hypnotic mid-tempo rhythm with sci-fi analog synths and guitars. ‘Hey Angel‘, a potential hit, is heavy and rhythmical with hard Neil Young-style guitars and memorable refrain. The bittersweet single Hi Hello‘ with the Bell-Guitars is so warm, so melodic, pure bliss for our ears. ‘My Eternal‘ runs into sci-fi synths and approaches post-punk revival, while ‘Day In Day Out is fast and melodic with endless long solos, a real guitar delight. ‘Τhe Tracers is fast, heavy, loud, with melodic, almost melancholic, parts. ‘Spiral Cities‘ seems calm, but presents a super hooky refrain with an amazing guitar riff! ‘Walk Into The Sea‘ is the second masterpiece of the album. Three parts expanding in 5 and a half minutes. Almost epic. Crystal-magic acoustic guitars at beginning with whispering voice, a scenery of magic. At 2:22 the song becomes too heavy and, at 2:57, welcome to guitar heaven! Enchanting guitar solos with atmospheric, fragile vocal parts at the bridge. And hope breaks on me. The moon and the sun glow. Take me down”.

Johhny Marr has nothing to prove. But every time he fills us with wonder. Full of melodic hooks, full of energy, atmosphere, and fascinating guitars, ‘Call The Comet‘: Vote for album of the year.

Thank you, Mr. Marr.

Theodoros Rentesis