Irregular Project is a fresh band led by Vasilis Katsoulas, that play an elegant blend of blue-eyed soul with indie pop-rock. On Monday, March 5th, they will performing live at Faust Bar-Theatre-Arts, so we managed to have a brief(!), but hopefully enlightening chat with its “chief”. There it is: 

Welcome on board Irregular Project! Would you like to tell us what’s so “irregular” about you then?

Hello Christos and Last Day Deaf people for having us! What’s so «irregular» haha nice one mate! I will just «irregularly» tell you all the regular stuff and you people, yes you better don’t stop reading; I will be brief. We are just a band based in Athens playing the music we love, playing it loud, playing it live and the thing that I am most proud of, is writing the music that we want to hear and hopefully pass it to you people.. I told you I was going to be brief…


Katerina Liakh recently joined the band. In what way will she contribute to the band?

Yes Katerina is a dear friend and an awesome keyboardist really gifted and from the moment she set foot at the first rehearsal she added her touch to the band. With every new member something changes; It’s the chemistry between people and the interaction that affects the playing too I believe for the best.

You describe your sound as a mixture of blue-eyed soul combined with pop-rock soundscapes. Would you like to talk about your influences then?

John Mayer, John Mayer and John Mayer. No, just kidding ..or not? I believe that every member of a band brings with their playing the stuff they have played that sometimes it’s not coming from one source so you can’t really trace that «influence».


How would you describe a day in the studio with Irregular Project?

You wouldn’t wanna know haha! We are having fun for sure. Next question please.

What are you going to present live on March 5th at Faust Bar-Theatre-Arts?

We are going to play our renewed playlist with carefully selected songs and most importantly we will present two of our new songs ‘Tears In Rain‘ and ‘Blue Lights‘.


Will 2018 be the year for your debut album’s release? Any hints about it?

Very nice of you hopefully, but we still have some way to go for an album but and EP seems more likely.


You may add anything you like and close this interview…

For bio live dates and news you can find us on Facebook, Irregular Project, like us and support live and original music. Thank you in advance.

Irregular Project


Vasilis Katsoulas: Vocals/Guitars

Mike Galanis: Drums

Kostas Triantafyllou: Bass/bVocals

Katerina Liakh: Keyboards

Christos Doukakis