Five fresh tunes that invaded our “sonic universe” will be presented every now and then with Instant Karma. Futhermore, we invented ‘The Karmo-meter’ for you. Ready? Go! 

Who: Ruthless Cosmopolitans

Ruthless Cosmopolitans, from New York, is a collaboration between guitarist, producer, and label-owner Jon Madof (Zion80, Rashanim, Chant Records). and underground rapper, poet, and performance artist Eden Pearlstein (aka Eprhyme of Darshan) with Manny Laine on drums and Yoshie Fruchter on bass…

The track: Make America Hate Again

In a few words: This track was originally written back in August 2017,  ‘the day of the white supremacist march and counter-protest in Charlottesville, VA, where Heather Heyer was run over by a car in cold blood, the song openly mocks, masks, and mimics a gross host of memes and messages coming from, directed at, and related to the current White House‘, and it’s most current than ever; A hot as lava ska punk opus with a rap metal heart and lyrics to make us sing-along, but still more think…

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Who: Hamburger

A six piece indie pop band from Bristol UK

The track: Supersad

In a few words: ‘Tom, Katie, Liv, Fearghall, Mike and Doug are Hamburger (“forget the surnames” loyal to 90s diy tradition) and they are tasty like hell judging from their indie delight ‘Supersad’ off of their upcoming debut EP ‘Teenage Terrified’ in December 2020 on Specialist Subject Records.

Imagine 90s era Breeders jamming with Sarah Records’ popsters and there you have it: Shimmering indie pop with an impeccable bittersweet spirit and lyrics like the following:

‘…I’m sorry, I’m not giving in

On the city that I’m living in

God I hope it’s the kind of place

Days I save never go away

Cos I thought we could do everything

But right now I can’t do anything

No you can!

P.S.: Go away COVID! Wanna see these dudes live and jump around like that 90s indie kid again…

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Who: Tullamarine

An electronica duo based in two studios in London, formed in 2015, by writers/producers Adam Young, England-born, and Joss Armitage, New Zealand by birth…

The track: Monochrome

In a few words: ‘Monochrome’ is the closing track Tullamarine’s ‘Stratosphere’ EP, recently released on Intersona Records. Unlike its title suggests, the track is a multicolour experimental electronic treat, -genre-breaking and unclassifiable-, ranging from heavy dub to downtempo and slow-paced breakbeat, but also drone-y bolts. All of the aforementioned with a top notch, ear-melting production.

Like Meat Beat Manifesto hang out with Boards Of Canada…

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Who: Indigo Seed

Indigo Seed based in Seattle, Washington (USA) create unique abstract concept music with a dreamlike rock quality…

The track: Dream Escape

In a few words: The core of dreamy, psychedelic rock outfit Indigo Seed is Seattle-based singer-songwriter Cotton Greer, featuring Nick Biscardi on percussion. ‘Dream Escape’ is taken from the recently released debut album ‘Patterns’ (had been in the making for nearly a decade!) encapsulates the outfit’s artistry: Dreamy vibes, catchy psychedelic rock sound with the classic rock fabric (The Doors is among Greer’s biggest influences) and well-balanced vocals like leaving space for the listener sing along with him. Yes, it sounds bloody familiar, like a track you never could recall its name but always asked for it in the local rock bar. Utterly loveable and nostalgic.

Welcome to the state of Indigo Seed…

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Who: Interlay

Madison, Wisconsin-based, shoegaze outfit Interlay — previously known to the locals as Wash — formed after members Indigo Smith-Oles (guitar), Alex Kaiser (drums), and Alexandria Ortgiesen (vocals and guitar) met at a house show in early 2018.

The track: Cicada

In a few words: ‘Cicada’ is the title track off Interlay’s recently released EP,. which focuses on themes of transformation and cycles. Clocking at almost 6  minutes, this opus is a shoegaze inferno with bleeding riffs, frenetic drumming and like “melting honey” vocals, and it’s an absolute odd to the group’s  primary influences, Slint, Weed, and Sonic Youth. Colossal!

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Christos Doukakis