Indie seduction will feature 10 cool indie (pop, rock, electro, psych…) songs, that every indie fan should discover asap.

Episode 7: The Participants:

The Bigness– United States  (Official Site)

Beard Bates – United States (Official Site)

COTE – United States (Official Site)

pkwy – United States (Facebook)

Wolf Section – United Kingdom (Instagram)

Ross Ingram – United States (Facebook)

FMLYBND – United States (Facebook)

The Dream Eaters – United States (Official Site)

HAYUNG – Germany (Facebook)

TS Bright– United States (Facebook)


The Bigness – ‘The Rest of the Sky’

Beard Bates – ‘Fireball’

COTE – ‘Meet Me In The Morning’

pkwy – ‘Staying Up Late’

Wolf Section – ‘Let Down’

Ross Ingram – ‘New Year’

FMLYBND – ‘Wasting My Time’

The Dream Eaters – ‘Tequila River’

HAYUNG – ‘Figured Out’

TS Bright – ‘The Same Job’

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“Director” : Christos Doukakis