Horndal are a sludge hardcore metal band from Sweden, formed in 2016. They released their first self-titled EP in 2017, recorded by the legendary Steve Albini (Nirvana, Iggy & The Stooges, Pixies, etc.) and their debut album ‘Remains‘ (Prosthetic Records) came out in February this year. Their sound is a result of punk, sludge and death influences.

The band got its name from the small industrial town Horndal, which is the hometown of the musicians. The sentimental roots don’t stop there as Horndal’s name brings to the surface a tragic story that took place in this town during the 1970s. Many residents of Horndal were at that time employed at the steel mill which was about to shut down. In order to protest against the closure of the steel mill people a play was written in which the devil closed the steel mill and the population of Horndal left for dead. That theatrical work was not far from reality.

The band didn’t only take their name from this small town but also dedicated their first album ‘Remains‘ to it and its residents, unfolding the story track by track. The artwork of the cover made by King Raya also backs up the album’s theme in a very strong way. Horndal’s beginning is strong, emotional and raw. The lyrical theme, the artwork and music create a positive first reaction and have gained the attention of fans of punk, sludge and hardcore metal.

Line-up: Henrik (vocals, guitars), Pontus (drums), Fredrik (guitars), Erik (bass)

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