Blackbird Mantra is a 4-headed hydra from Hamburg, which blends “Psychedelic-Folk-Rock” with metaphorical lyrics.
Recorded entirely live in 2 days, in a small studio of our friend Ulli Hoeppe , this is our intimate and very honest debut.
Picture the Riverside Bar as an imaginary place. It exists in every city, in every little town, you can find it in the middle of nowhere, you’ll find it in your own mind.
Sit down, have a drink and have some deep talks …or just rock to that surfy psych tunes on the dusty wooden dancefloor! There’s a spaceship waiting just around the corner of that run down motel bar. But you won’t need it. You’re right there, allright there…


All songs performed by Blackbird Mantra.
Music written by Blackbird Mantra.
Lyrics written by Timo Grimm.
Recorded by Ulli Hoeppe.
Mixed and Mastered by Timo Grimm.
Artwork and Design by Alexandra Wegner.