Six recent tunes of the ‘mind-blowing’ jazz, jazztronica, afro-jazz (and the list goes on, but jazz is the basis!) , with endless groove, to… Groove on.

Gary Alesbrook – Slow Life

(jazz-hop, lofi)

Franky Freedom – Gemini Sun (Ft. MaryDee)

(jazztronica, indie electro)

STAX – Sweet

(avant-jazz, jazz)

Goldsmith Baynes – Tō Ihu

(vocal jazz, contemporary jazz)

Saib – Jordans (ft. Bluestaeb)

(chill-hop, jazz-hop)

H A U N T E R – We Are Gonna Be Okay (Feat. Lo Artiz)

(jazztronica, neo soul)

Christos Doukakis