Gorillaz, probably one of the most successful bands of our times, are about to release their new album. The thing is they don’t want to go low profile but to attract all the attention from their fans. So earlier this year – last June – Gorillaz declared that they were getting back to studio for recording their fifth album. According to Russel Hobbs’ (drummer) recent interview, the still untitled album will be ready in a couple of weeks. But the official release date is still stated in 2017 according to Damon Albarn‘s interview on BBC radio 6, back in July, so it also remains unrevealed. In the meantime, the band has published teasers through their Twitter & Instagram accounts, that are about the story  of each member and what they had been doing all this time till they teamed up again. Up to today two books have been published “The Book Of Noodle” and “The Book Of Russel”.

Eleftheria Gesou

“The Book Of Noodle”:


“The Book Of Russel”: