It is very nice for the rock stars to make music together when they rest a bit from their megaton groups! And since they make creative jams, it is very common for them, at their fans’ excitement, to form a supergroup and make a release.

Gone Is Gone is the new supergroup in heavy rock that four gentlemen of the genre have formed. Mastodon’s singer/bassist Troy Sanders, Queens Of The Stone Age’s guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen, At The Drive-In’s drummer Tony Hajjar, and guitarist/keyboardist Mike Zarin.

You guess right: it-is-heavy! Typical heavy as you probably imagine, according to their past and present releases, and that means A LOT of Heavy Rock! On the other hand, they don’t seem to lose interest in the keyboard’s melodies and music, so they make their heavy stuff, melodic and quite fascinating, and enormously easy for them to play their fan’s adored heavy rock.

They are an inspired veterans’ team and they honestly rock for good. To make it clear, they informed the world that their debut self-titled EP will be out on 8th July via Rise Records. The band has also shared two videos so far, the lead single ‘Violescent’, a sludge-oriented leading machine, and the other official video of ‘Starlight’, more trippy and melodic, and heavy!

The band’s fans must be really excited by now, and we are certainly waiting from them to surprise us and make us come in peace with our sound systems for the overdrive!

Mike Dimitriou