Curated by: Christos Doukakis

Brief bio as a DJ

I started dj’ing 3 years ago and got in to House/Tech-House the last 6 months.
My goal as a DJ is to be a contribution for people and let them experience my joy in music to make their time at the party the best time they’ve had.

Which is your favourite venue?

My favorite venue to play is ‘013’ it is in my hometown Tilburg, The Netherlands and the sound + the vibe is just awesome.

Please name 3 Dj’s that have inspired you most…

I get my inspiration from dj’s like Jamie Jones, Marco Carola and wAFF.

-Choose only one option of the following-

Vinyl or Cd?


Sunrise or sunset?


Urban or rural?


Hardware or PC set?

PC set

Cinema or theatre?


Black or white?

Goa or psy?


Chicago house or Detroit techno?

Chicago house

Body or mind?


Scuba-diving or mountain climbing?


Tell us which do you consider your best trick in relation to DJ skills?

I think that my best trick in dj’ing is that I am present.
Present to the songs, present to the crowd, present to the reactions of as well myself and the crowd and also present to the happiness it gives me.

Now we would like a 5-track set for our readers

Which is your favourite food & drink?

My favorite foods are salads and my favorite drink is ginger beer.

Where can your fans find you…



Name your wishful Back 2 Back

My wishful Back 2 Back would definitely be with Marco Carola and it will happen in a few years 🙂