Curated by: Christos Doukakis

Brief bio as a DJ

Dirty Freud is a producer, DJ and remixer who’s been serving up and making a name for himself with a distinctive mix of edgy, contemporary, dub, electronica and bass music for the past few years.

Which is your favourite venue?

The Arches in Glasgow Scottish crowds have been amazing to me so far. Was gutted when it closed in 2015

Please name 3 Dj’s that have inspired you most…

DJ Krush, Coldcut & DJ Shadow

-Choose only one option of the following-

Vinyl or Cd?


Sunrise or sunset?


Urban or rural?


Hardware or PC set?


Cinema or theatre?


Black or white?


Goa or psy?


Chicago house or Detroit techno?

Detroit techno

Body or mind?


Scuba-diving or mountain climbing?

Mountain climbing

Tell us which do you consider your best trick in relation to DJ skills?

My ability to mix any genre and to cut and paste.

Now we would like a 5-track set for our readers

[Tracks Born To, Moments, Kadema, The Crows Are All Liars and Be Mine]

Which is your favourite food & drink?

Curry Goat, rice and dumplin washed down with a pint of cider.

Where can your fans find you…

Name your wishful Back 2 Back

DJ Shadow