The Sex Is Fear‘ is the sophomore release of the God In A Cone duo. God in a Cone is Nikos Marinos on vocals, keys, and drum programming with Dimitris Delis on guitars, producing, mixing and mastering. The duo’s first release, ‘Agrypnia‘ grabbed a fan base with it’s metal/electronic combination and experimentation. God In A Cone have also had videos released alongside their albums, that kept our interest irreducible.

The Sex Is Fear‘ contains 7 tracks, and is set apart from the first release, with its experimentation and different approach to the material. ‘Baalroom‘ starts off with an unexpected moment of mediation, followed by an addition of Greek touch and tribal percussion elements. This takes one back to Sepultura‘s ‘Roots‘ vibe.

Sonically moving right along, ‘Love The Enemy‘ has classic God In A Cone makeup, but has an unexpected melancholy chorus that hooks the heart, and is not soon forgotten. It is a personal favorite, and highlights off the release. ‘Pistola‘ continues the album, with heavy vocal harmonies, soundscapes and added arpeggios to make it a solid ear candy. ‘Silent Nation‘ has several electronic/key layers, followed by title track ‘The Sex Is Fear‘, which is heavily aggressive, angsty, and left of center.

The last two tracks from the album are ‘We need To Vocode‘ and ‘Womb 128‘. The first one brings to mind the Monty Python phrase “..and now for something completely different.” The track features a very vintage echo from The Doors‘ past sprinkled with Nikos Marinos signature vocal sound. ‘Womb 128‘ finalizes the album, with a heavy reverbed track, calming the listener down after so many different feels. Though the tracks are all different, none are less enjoyable and with ‘The Sex Is Fear‘ Coneheads everywhere will enjoy this new work.

Malinda Mansfield