“Hah!  Yeah. I mean, it was written because Little Sister was a low budget indie movie and we didn’t want to, or couldn’t pay to clear “Monster Mash” for the film.  Zach Clark, the director, loves throwback novelty songs with a character speak-singing, so we started brain-storming lyric concepts via email which Zach ran with.  I wrote the track, and he came over the next evening to record the lead vocal.  My girlfriend (who does the voice of Dr. Frankenstein’s mother) had fallen asleep while we were working, and when we came up with the outro sketch we woke her up and were like, “we need your help with something extremely important”.  She was a really good sport about it and still does the voice every now and again around the house.  It was a great time making something that’s in the movie for maybe a minute and is mixed so far in the background you barely hear it.  I love getting to put those kind of musical easter eggs into movies!”

Check out Fritz Myers‘ video below:

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