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Camille Miller – ‘Building Steam’

About Camille Miller

In late 2016 Camille Miller released “Fight or Flight”, her 7th studio album which marked a new sonic direction – a true amalgamation of her significant career experience to date. She has traversed the world with her life and music, and along the way picked up musical elements that she has expertly distilled in to this latest release. Labelled as “Braz-Pop” by one reviewer, this new sound fuses Brit-Rock influences with Miller’s roots in North American pop songs, and combines with Caetano Malta’s (Producer) Brazilian styled guitar, horns and percussion.

Born in Germany and raised on military bases all over Canada, Camille was brought up on a hearty diet of Motown, Carly Simon, The Carpenters, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder and the Rolling Stones. With the sound of these greats of yesteryear oozing from the young Camille Miller, she released her debut solo 6 track EP “Things People See”.

It marked the start of a life-long partnership with notable Vancouver Island producer Rick Salt (Irish Rovers, David Gogo, Leeroy Stagger).

Since then a regular stream of releases has peppered her career. Camille’s blend of whisper-to-a-roar vocal dynamics and onstage charisma quickly won over industry heavyweights as well as audiences. Manager Bruce Allen (Michael Buble, Bryan Adams) helped her get a foothold in the UK through numerous tours, while indie labels like Sound of Pop, Sugar Shack and Synergy went on to release her six diverse studio albums worldwide.

A prolific collaborator, Camille has worked with the likes of Nicholas Hagger with whom she wrote and recorded her first three albums, Doug Elliot (Odds), Pat Steward (Bryan Adams), and has contributed as a writer and vocalist to a host of major label albums in both North America and Europe. She co-wrote and delivered vocals to “Lost” by US based Electronica group Baligomingo (BMG/RCA), and wrote and sang four songs on Polish pop icon Robert Chojnacki’s “Saxophonic” album (BMG Poland). This experience culminated in performing with Chojnacki and the Baltic Symphony Orchestra and helped build a signficant fanbase in Poland and Eastern Europe.

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Rob The Heart – ‘Easy Tiger’

About Rob The Heart

Rob The Heart is an Indie-Dance Producer from Phoenix Arizona. Originally born and raised in Florida, he has been playing and writing music since he was a child. Being in a touring band for 8 years, and contributing to many indie projects, Rob The Heart has had much experience in the world of making great music. Eventually moving to Tucson and later Phoenix, Rob The Heart made the transition to producer and songwriter in anticipation of releasing solo music that would bring attention to his new home in the southwest. Surrounding himself with new and fresh talent, these songs aim to pave the way for the spotlight to make its way to Phoenix. His songs are energetic, vibrant and sure to make you get up and boogie or sing at the top of your lungs.

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Reece – ‘Too Much’

About Reece

After releasing his first singles Ghost and Don’t Go in 2015, Reece garnered love from outlets such as Pigeons and Planes, HillyDilly, FADER, and more. Reece was finding his sound and beginning an incredible creative journey, which would lead to meetings with early fans like Benny Blanco, collaborations with producers like Clams Casino, Robotaki, Heavy Mellow, stints living in NYC and LA, and the release of his debut EP ‘I’m Not Sure Yet’ in 2019.

Reece will begin the second half of the year with a number of singles, culminating in his second project, which will continue to explore his vulnerability, but also the newfound strength and confidence gained through his journey.

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Hizen – ‘Another Life’

About Hizen

HIZEN ( Hunter Isenhath ) is a house music producer from the capitol city, Lansing, in the state of Michigan. Hizen’s pool-side vibe consists of uplifting chords, neon synth leads, flamboyant drum hits, and much more.

His colorful imagination turned into music during his early years of high-school when discovering house music and finally finding that feeling of belonging. Almost like that the young producer hosted his first show at a local venue during his junior year of high school.
The rest has been history from there releasing his first EP , “W.R.B.”, on iTunes & Spotify and consistently growing and releasing singles such as Alive . Hizen is continually growing throughout Michigan and now reps the Samsara Collective stemming out of Grand Rapids, MI.

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Office Culture – ‘Hard Times in the City’

About Office Culture

Office Culture the band (featuring Ian Wayne on guitar and keyboards, Pat Kelly on drums, and Charlie Kaplan on bass) create a sonic world that’s as rich and enveloping as the narratives themselves, drawing from the immaculate surfaces of ‘70s and ‘80s soft rock, the quiet intensity of Talk Talk, the chilly expanses of ECM jazz. In 2019, these sounds are pretty familiar to good record collectors, but they’ve never been combined in quite this way, or married to a set of songs so affecting and incisive. In A Life of Crime, the party’s always winding down, “the balloons are clinging to the floor,” but you find yourself wanting to stay. There’s an ex-lover across the room who might be persuaded to rekindle the old flame, or at least humor you for a while. And in your lost and besotted current state, the sad songs playing over the speakers are the most beautiful music in the world.

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dezabel – ‘Ego’

About dezabel

The streaming age provides for always standardized song structures, but dezabel doesn’t take part in this. They don’t have to either, after all, they refuse precise genre categorization. For a moment, “Ego” reminds us of the heyday of Trip-Hop. But soon influences from modern R&B and Hip-Hop are added, underlying trap elements are interspersed, and somehow the track flows into your ears like a real pop song. At first, you might perceive “Ego” as spherical and experimental, but in the next moment, it seems trustful and catchy.

On the one hand, this is due to the original production, which skillfully fuses modern drum grooves, analog as well as synthetic sounds. On the other hand, there is this voice, which you won’t forget for a long time and which seems to float above the production. No doubt, dezabel have found their musical recipe and this although the duo consists of two personalities who couldn’t be more different.

The unmistakable voice belongs to Isa Wallin, who as lead singer with SoulVirus, Maxin and Lightluck not only gained a lot of experience but also lets off steam in various styles. Producer Bilgi Sakarya is responsible for setting this voice in the right light.

Isa and Bilgi manage to reconcile their numerous and very versatile musical ideas and transform them into lyrics and melodies as a team. With these, they want to tell stories in the course of which the listeners find themselves. Just like on this beautiful journey through one’s own ego, with which an impressive first sign of life is given by dezabel.

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Death Bells – ‘Life Stands Still’

About Death Bells

After spending the majority of 2018 touring North America, Death Bells have re-emerged in their new home of Los Angeles with music that starts their next exciting chapter. The band, which started in their hometown of Sydney in 2014 has blossomed from self-recording demos and EP’s in their house to a more polished sound that features infectious melodies, striking guitar lines and thumping cavernous drums. The band – now consisting of long-time members William Canning and Remy Veselis wrote their new songs in Los Angeles and they detail change and reflection that both members have experienced with their move 7,000 miles away from home. With the move across the pacific from Sydney to Los Angeles, Death Bells has slowly grown and transformed. Flood Magazine says, “Death Bells are originally from Sydney, Australia, but the allure of Southern California has led the pair (Will Canning and Remy Veselis) to set up shop right here in Los Angeles. The Cali sun may have brought a new shine to the band’s sound, but a dark-lit inspiration remains. Case in point: ‘Life Stands Still,’ an edgy and immersive tune somewhere between Clan of Xymox and Interpol. Let’s call it goth-pop, for short.”

Upcoming Show:

October 25 – Los Angeles, CA @ Zebulon w/ Gatecreeper + Kommand + Section H8

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Kris Kelly – ‘More’

About Kris Kelly

Kris Kelly evokes a bittersweet nostalgia of love and loss in debut album, Runaways, due out August 30th. Kelly self-produced the album, recorded between NYC and LA with an all-star team of musicians (played for Alanis Morissette, Lana Del Rey), with arrangements from John Philip Shenale (Tori Amos, Jane’s Addiction), and mixed by Noah Georgeson (Joanna Newsom, Andy Shauf).

A native of Austin, Texas, Kris Kelly moved to NYC to study vocal performance and musical composition at NYU. After years of his original works at storied New York venues, he decided to leave everything behind, packed a suitcase, grabbed his guitar and flew to South America. He traveled for five years through Argentina and Brazil, met his now husband, and experienced the love, loss, and growth that would inspire his upcoming album, Runaways. The Deli, Cool Hunting, and Glide Magazine have praised the album ahead of release with Glide saying,”There is a delicate beauty to Kelly’s airy vocals, which seems to float over a dreamy, orchestral soundscape.”

Listen to “Birthplace” and “We Flew” which respectively explore home and homophobia, “Cracked Porcelain,” (where Kelly delves into a dark time of losing himself in the freedom and carnal desires of an open relationship), and “More,” a scalding assessment of society’s addiction to excess, which will be the first post-release single from Runaways.

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About DR3WB3ÇK

DR3WB3ÇK is an up & coming producer & creator from indiana. his sound, while primarily electronic, is unique & genre-bending. his sound is heavy influenced by both jazz, funk, deep house, ambient & edm. a fan of all music, he listens primarily to chillwave, tropical house, downtempo & etherial melodies that are conducive to tears!

Christos Doukakis