Nine “fresh n’ Green”, ultra tasty tunes to feed your music appetite. We are pretty confident, you don’t wanna miss those ones right?

Sanctuary Lakes – ‘The Long Fade Away’

About Sanctuary Lakes

Sanctuary Lakes present their debut, self-titled album, coming soon on Cutters Records.

Opaque soundscapes forged from fluid basslines, aqueous guitar, naturalist field recordings and vague incantations, the Sanctuary Lakes sound values feeling over form, intention over intellect, imagination over the explicit, a faded watercolour image offering an ocean of interpretation in which to swim.

Borne in Brooklyn during idle time improvising in front of the meditation station on television, Tim Hoey sent rough sketches of his noodling to Andy Szekeres in Melbourne, initially to see what his old friend made of them. Beyond merely offering feedback, Szekeres went ahead and added to the songs, initiating a workflow than became an almost wordless conversation between the two, as files drifted back and forth with the currents until deemed done.

Arrangements are left loose, choruses never come – or that’s all there is, extended instrumental passages emphasise atmosphere over action, and field recordings of the channel whisper low in the mix. Production across the album has a gently edgeless, soft-focus feeling akin to being submerged in a boundless body of water, at once engulfing and instinctively comforting.

As two musicians with years and albums of experience under their belts, Sanctuary Lakes came together during a period of reflection and faint anxiety that their best ideas might be behind them. Work on the album acted as a form of therapy and confirmed that the stream of creativity still runs strong.

Tim Hoey is most widely known for his work in Cut Copy, Andy Szekeres in Midnight Juggernauts. Together they are Sanctuary Lakes.

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Lady Jay – ‘Freedom’

About Lady Jay

Lady Jay is a singer/songwriter with a unique voice and a sweet sultry undertone in her melodies. She makes different compositions in various genres like soul, RnB, High life, Afro beat, Afro trap, and Hip-hop. She was born in Tema, Ghana on June 19, 1990 and currently lives in Accra, Ghana. Her music is captivating and sends chills down any listener’s spine. She is now signed to Wahala Entertainment and plans to release her long awaited single “This is Africa” in 2019.

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Jon Wiilde – ‘Casey’

About Jon Wiilde

Jon Wiilde is an artist showcasing a combination of psychedelia, raw vulnerability, and a true love for songwriting. A splash of the 70’s hits the ear when you listen to the music from this Sacramento based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. All the while, not sacrificing a modern sound and keeping very true to the universal reality that great songs and great art comes from an absolutely authentic, genuine, and inherently unique perspective.

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Fintan Alexander Oag – ‘Broken End Bliss’

About Fintan Alexander Oag

Fintan Alexander Oag is a Melbourne based composer. After finishing his Bachelor’s of Music in 2017, Fintan was faced with the beginners conundrum of not havingworked for anyone when everyone’s asking for your work. Instead of piling up the rejections, he figured would start rescoring other people’s work and quickly discovered he would rather write his own narratives to put music to. His sound varies with the tone of the story but takes inspiration from Bon Iver, Ludavico Einaudi, Jacob Collier, Peter Bence and Trent Reznor. His most notable work so far was his score for the short film “Hugs?” which received the award for best animation at the JMC Martini awards and was shortlisted at the 2017 Melbourne International Animation Festival. For him, the most important thing is honesty.

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Jona Oak – ‘Hey You’

About Jona Oak

Time allow us to dig into our imagination, invent with no fears or bounderies and go even deeper into our guts allowing us to abandon ourselves to music and human relations.
In this album « A Step at a Time », the band JONA OAK delivers songs where volatile melodies are dressed with instruments used in an uncommun way. Here, the cello embrasses the voices with a suttle delicacy supported by guitare arpegios. Here, the drums switch from being the conductor to being a sober matress on which the elements composing to music can rely on. Here, two voices match so perfectly, they become indivisible.
The Oak is a sacred tree in many traditions that symbolizes strength and solidity once it has reached full maturation. With « A Step at a Time », JONA OAK allowed itself to mature it’s own musical identity, giving a tribute to time, nature and all the elements that surround us, inviting us into it’s most sincere and deep intimacy.
Today, JONA OAK feels mature enough to invite us into it’s a first door into their music.

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Christopher Willits – ‘Pacific 1’

About Christopher Willits

Christopher Willits presents his latest piece, Sunset, with simple instructions: “Begin the music 15 minutes before the sun sets.” The new album is out June 14th onGhostly International, with the omnipresent new track “Coast” streaming now on all streaming platforms.

Willits is an artist, musician, and guitarist who creates immersive ambient music. As one of the core artists on the Ghostly International label roster since the early 2000s, Willits has continually evolved his craft, producing one of the most diverse and prolific catalogs within contemporary ambient music. Releases span introspective solo albums, widescreen audiovisuals, and unbridled collaborations including two albums with Ryuichi Sakamoto and productions with Tycho. On the live front, he played last year’s inaugural edition of Mutek SF, has played FORM Arcosanti, and has opened for the late Jóhann Jóhannsson.

The five compositions on Sunset move from warm to cool designed as a soundtrack to embrace the day’s end; a collective letting go. As with 2017’s opus Horizon, the first ever spatial audio release on Ghostly International, Sunset is produced to listen from *within*. Using the cutting-edge immersive audio venues and tools of his nonprofit, Envelop, Willits illuminates a landscape for the future of electronic music.

“When I was 12, I realized that my life’s path was to make music in the service of love and healing. Music is a medicine that allows us to feel, listen, and ultimately surrender to the present moment,” he describes. “The compositions I create move through my imagination, heart, and hands, like guitar through a speaker, and light through a lens. I am continuously learning and evolving with the process; a practice of letting go of all that I create, as it creates me.”

Willits is also the director and co-founder of the nonprofit, Envelop; leading a mission to amplify the connective power of music through immersive audio venues and spatial audio production tools. His process is an expression of love, inspired by an international audience of listeners, and the conviction that music can catalyze personal transformation and spiritual awakening.

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Vexed – ‘J O M O’

About Vexed

Born In Jacksonville Fl . Duuuuvaaallll! Vexed typically has a smooth traditional hiphop vibe to his music. If your a fan of MacMiller, Big L , or Camp Lo you will love this music.

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Dara – ‘You Disappoint Me’

About Dara

While a four-stoplight upbringing may be enough to keep a person eternally grounded, 10 years in the Hollywood jungle is enough to taint even the purest. Though some might recognize her from notable many television roles, 22-year-old singer/songwriter/producer Dara has always been rooted in her musical upbringing. Hailing from the small town of Denver, North Carolina, Dara moved to LA to pursue an acting career at age 12. Recollecting her unconventional childhood, she explains there were “no hallways or campuses involved”. Forced to grow-up sooner than most, Dara spent much of her tenure in Los Angeles opening her mind to new ideas of the human experience. She was influenced by everything around her, and the nearcinematic experiences of Dara’s real life (for better or worse) fueled her creative experimentation. Determined to continue to carve her own path, Dara continued to work on her music alongside her acting career, in the least ‘Hannah-Montana’ way possible; “People will find out on their own that I’m not part of that machine.”

Soon noticed by well-decorated, 4x Grammy-winning producer Dave Cobb (credits including Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson, and Chris Stapleton) at age 14, Dara would spend the next 4 years refining on her own before reconnecting with Cobb in 2015 to release her debut EP, Boom. The intersection of Dara’s awing Americana vocals, only comparable to a Robin Ward or Diane Renay, and the playful, summertime-60’s motif carved by Cobb combined for a mystifying debut. Richly layered and reverb heavy, the project was well-received across the industry, with critic John Apice calling Boom “Refreshing[;] A bold, brave move” .

Touring twice before taking a three year break to develop her sound further, an invigorated Dara returned to the scene in 2018. Taking time away from Hollywood and relocating to Nashville, Dara’s newest art is a culmination of her truest self – “a songwriter’s creation from the ground up”. The icons of her childhood like The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, David Bowie, and The Cure begin to shine through, and the experimental range of her abilities take precedence. With a powerful string of singles in the chamber leading towards the release of second EP in 2019, Dara’s lead single ‘Liar’ delivers frission inducing vocals two-stepping with a smooth folk-rock melody. While her singles each live in a completely different space, they are connected though story and meaning, after all, it is her story.

Teaming up with some big names to work on her forthcoming studio release, expect to a big year from Dara.

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Arni Ehmann – ‘Tamas’

About Arni Ehmann

Musician from Reykjavik Iceland and this is my 4th single from my first album that will be released late 2019,

Christos Doukakis