Nine “fresh n’ Green”, ultra tasty tunes to feed your music appetite. We are pretty confident, you don’t wanna miss those ones right?

Kadeli – ‘backseat’

The first taster from Kadeli’s upcoming EP ‘Wasted More’, is a stylish indie r&b and bedroom pop blend with an emotional crescendo after the 2nd minute mark. Beautiful!

About Kadeli

With the help of his producer Forte, Kadeli (Kah-del- ee) has created a sound inspired by Joji, EDEN and Jeremy Zucker. In his single, Serpentine, Kadeli uses dark distorted Alt R&B beats and vocals, inviting listeners into a narrative based on pursuing your passion in the midst of struggle.

Laid off during the Covid-19 lockdowns in California, Kadeli started making YouTube content focused on niche tech. As his channel grew, he produced an informational PSA music video and was inspired to write his first true single, “WHERE U GOING.”

It wasn’t until Kadeli starting working with Forte on his first single that the sound of Kadeli was born. Capitalizing on his 180,000 YouTube subscribers he ran a Gleam campaign. WHERE U GOING gathered 5,000 presaves, with Serpentine gathering 11k. Despite a glitch in Spotify’s artist profile, more than 15,000 followers are now waiting for Kadeli’s debut EP. 

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GOOSE! (Don’t be frightened) – ‘Hearsay, Do Say (Happy Holidays)’

A stunning amalgam of dream pop with indie psych that could be the imaginary jam of ‘Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space’ -era Spiritualized, with ‘Sung Tongs’- album Animal Collective… Lost in the haze!

About GOOSE! (Don’t be frightened)

GOOSE! (don’t be frightened) was conceived in a fever dream. Fronted by Matt Mena and Laura May, GOOSE! is an ever changing line-up of diverse influences; solemn yet dynamic compositions that are rooted in feelings experience by all. Isolation, introspection, loss, love, fear and joy. The sometimes enigmatic duo keep you hoping for resolution.

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DREWKABOOM – ‘Lost Moon of Jupiter Δ’ – Freestyle

A smooth, alternative hip-hop treat with solid rapping, modern production and dynamic progression. Addictive one!


DREWKABOOM is a vocalist, sound therapist & audio professional. DREWKABOOM is also a versatile hip-hop artist with a style that blurs the lines between modern hip-hop and golden age warmth, going for a really diverse and forward-thinking feel. More importantly, his lyrical flow is particularly distinctive due to the artist’s inner positivity and ability to engage audiences on an enigmatic yet conversational level. Influenced by iconic artists like Nas, Mos Def & Wu-Tang. This artist is poised to leave a mark with his earnest tracks and world-class productions, highlighting his kaleidoscopic vision and passion for hip-hop as a culture. Recognized by his three face mask, which he uses as symbolism for ancient teachings of creator, destroyer & preserver attributes of God which reside in us all.

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Våro – ‘Hikikomori Of The Oort’

New York native Våro genuinely combines elements from indie pop, post punk and synth-pop, to unleash captivating melodies accompanied with a well-balanced vocals performance. If you like New order and ACTORS then ‘Hikikomori Of The Oort’ is just right for you!

About Våro

Våro is an emerging artist with a passion for all things, literature, the visual arts, and perfumery. The New York native’s music often channels influences anywhere from the polarizing poets of the romanticism movement and Greek mythology, to fragrance compositions and surrealist paintings. His very name “Våro” hails from the Spanish surrealist painter extraordinaire Remedios Varo and his affinity for Scandinavian culture.

Accompanied by genre-bending soundscapes, the themes in his current work center around the exploration of the dark psyche, multi-planetary life, and the grandiosity of nature.

His debut track “Soliloquy On Neptune” uses the infamous theatrical element the soliloquy, as a vessel for which to take listeners on an unexpected dark voyage through the expanse.

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Nina Deiana – ‘Butter on toast’

‘Butter on toast’ was inspired as a metaphor to highlight the vulnerability of human beings. Certain things that we experience, or people we encounter, can get deep to the most vulnerable part of us, despite any boundary or limit we have set for ourselves. We can either fight this, or embrace this. Powerhouse vocals, crystal clear production and an ultra fresh contemporary r&b/adult contemporary by London-based Nina Deiana…

About Nina Deiana

Nina Deiana is a London based singer/songwriter with Sardinian and Hispanic roots and Butter on toast is her second release after her debut track Lost in Wine, co-produced with Italian producer Edoardo Bruni and released earlier this year.

Her inspiration and knowledge of great musicians past and present, including Dave Matthews, Nina Simone, Norah Jones, Joni Mitchell, Lana del Rey, David Bowie, Stevie Wonder, Fiona Apple and Ben Harper have shaped her contaminated sound and formed her soulful side.
In Nina’s music her mediterranean roots melt with the British world creating a sound that it’s hard to label but will take you on a cinematic journey across different genres as a manifestation of her so many influences.

With a solid background in music performance and composition and a strong interest in cinematic and soundtracks, along with pursuing a successful career in acting (West End- The Woman in Black) and to be known as the voice of many global campaigns on international TVs (e.g. voice of Peroni Nastro Azzurro 2021), Nina has been dedicating to songwriting for over a decade.

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Akeylah Simone – ‘Icing’

A smooth indie r&b track with great, soulful vocals and expert flow to vibe to!

About Akeylah Simone

Akeylah Simone, from Hampton Roads, VA is just getting her feet wet as a singer, songwriter, and now recording artist. While she has been singing and performing since her first time on stage at an elementary school talent contest, songwriting has recently gained her focus and she is ready to share it with the world.

Her love for music is deeply rooted in her upbringing. Raised by two musicians, Akeylah, developed a passion for singing and music exploration early on. She always knew she would be a performer and that she would pursue a life on stage. In only her first year, she’s had two releases placed on the 2021 Grammy Ballot.

She has now released her fifth full track and is currently working on a full release album. She has opened up her personal journey to the world and her vocals will surely let you know where she’s headed.

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ALIVE PHOENIX – ‘Scent of a Woman’

‘Scent of a Woman’ is among the best examples of pop and (synth)wave accompanied by a great visualizer, by Pete John’s project ALIVE PHOENIX. Super catchy stuff ideal for every pop fan!


ALIVE PHOENIX is an international post „new wave“ band project from Pete John. Founded in MMXX on Earth. Pete John works with musicians all over the world, to create this special postmodern retro style of the 80s. Inspired from British, German and NewYorker experimental style, ALIVE PHOENIX brings it to a modern consumable level. Pete John was born in the early 70s. He lived in the US and Germany. All songs are about revolution and #love. follow us for the newest updates and #music on instagram, apple music , spotify, amazon music or bandcamp.

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Hannah Wyatt – ‘November In Omaha’

Heartfelt vocals, dark americana ethos, rich sound and divine melodies for a treasure that according to its creator “illustrates the moments in life when everything changes for you all at once; when you have to leave something behind you and never look back”.

About Hannah Wyatt

Hannah Wyatt is an emerging indie folk singer-songwriter.

Her melancholic sound has manifested over the years with influence from a score of artists the likes of gregory alan isakov, keaton henson, blind pilot, joe purdy, the civil wars, phoebe bridgers, and many more.

With her roots in upstate new york, hannah began classical violin at age eight. thirteen years later, she earned her degree in music production & recording arts at elon university. her first year at college, hannah was signed as an artist & managed through limelight records. the following year, she redirected her exposure as an independent artist, & later joined up with NC-based americana/folk band love & valor as a violinist, vocalist, graphic designer, & recording engineer – touring & performing with the band until 2020.

At her core, hannah has always remained an independent musician, writing, recording, & producing her own works. while her solo career began blooming in 2016 with releases under a former name, she took a step forward from her DIY-past & ventured down a new path in 2021 with the release of a 15-track album, “phantom burn”, under the new name hannah wyatt.

Over the following year, her latest ep “iron line” was crafted & released on 1.1.2022.

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SAVEN – ‘Tell Me When You Dream’

Swedish indie folk alt rock singer songwriter SAVEN recently gifted us with retro folk gem ‘Tell Me When You Dream’ in the vein of The Everly Brothers & Sam Cooke. Baroque folk? Could be! Regardless the genre this one is an alluring, sonic experience for all music lovers!


Culturally confused since birth, Saven is an indie folk alt rock singer songwriter inspired by a wide range of genres from the different countries he has lived in. His songwriting explores what is on the edge of his awareness and has been an outlet for him to uncover his own personal blind spots. Even though Saven started writing music at the age of thirteen, it took him over two decades to overcome his fear and debut. Seven months later he ultimately quit his day job to pursue his passion for songwriting. By sharing his own songs and stories, he hopes that listeners will relate and be inspired to take on their own struggles.

In 2019, Saven released his first single, the rock pop song I Love The Attention, followed by the grungier Insane and upbeat You Got What It Takes. In 2020, Saven came out with the contemplative Why You Are Here and regretful I Really Want To Stay. Creepy Crawly was the first song to be released in 2021, followed by pop rock song Under A Spell and La La Land. Saven plans to release a new song each month during 2022.

Saven is now working with the Swedish Grammy nominated producer Natalie Beabella Knutzen, pianist/producer Chris Tall, previous “Robyn” multi-instrumentalist Olle Linder and former “Riverdance” fiddler David Lombardi on some even rawer material.

[Note: All about sections provided by the artists]

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