Nine “fresh n’ Green”, ultra tasty tunes to feed your music appetite. We are pretty confident, you don’t wanna miss those ones right?

Peachkka – ‘Protection’

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania-based up-and-coming artist Peachkka’s recent single ‘Protection’ is an anthem of positive energy, or “protected from bad vibes”. Stylish production, fresh sound, rapping with tons of attitude, poignant lyrics and a banger ideal for endless vibin’!

About Peachkka

Peachkka is an up and coming artist creating affirmative music to empower listeners from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. She studied in London, United Kingdom, obtaining her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in performance. Along with music and creative direction, Peachkka is a Spiritual Advisor for artists and creatives. She provides a safe energetic space for personal development and growth through self awareness practices and with the aid of tarot cards. Peachkka has clairaudient and claircognizant gifts that have influenced her art and music with intention to heal and empower. Through live and virtual performances, Peachkka is creating an environment for her fans consisting of music, tarot, affirmations, and love.

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Harrison Borts – ‘MY TURN’

Despite this artist from San Diego is just 18 y.o., seems more than competent to combine style, the age’s naivety, but at the same time unleash tons of emotion to connect with. ‘MY TURN’ is a powerful alternative hip-hop number, with impressive ups and downs, engaging vibes and unpredictable progression. Such a gem!

About Harrison Borts

Harrison Borts is an 18 year old artist from San Diego, reflecting sounds never before heard from his area. finally breaking out of his bubble and expressing his thoughts through an expansive self produced landscape of sound.

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Owlobe – ‘And the World Moves On’ (Feat. Stunshine)

‘And the World Moves On’ is a genuine blend of chillwave, dream pop and experimental electronic with intense and uncommon, atmospheric soundscapes and ethereal vocals, and it’s a stuuning collaborative release between California Bay Area, Irish music producer Owlobe & Stunshine…. Seductive!

About Owlobe

Owlobe is an Irish music producer living in California’s Bay Area.

Throughout life, music has been a way to recover and rebuild. As a child, Owlobe discovered playing talent and a lifelong love of music composition. He composed these latest releases during recovery from unexpected major surgeries.

Reflecting the influence of wide experience as a classical, jazz, electronic, and rock musician, his music is cross-genre and impossible to categorize. A core belief is that music’s true home is within the listener’s head – and within the listener’s heart.

Owlobe hope that his music will bring emotional bonds into those homes of yours.

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Shébani – ‘Burn Me Out’

Iraqi-born and raised in the UAE Shébani’s ‘Burn Me Out’ is an alluring sample of her soulful vocals in sultry, ear-melting, contemporary r&b soundscapes. According to its creator this gem “is a metaphor for a cycle that repeats itself. The emotional trauma, gaslighting, and trust issues collected from one relationship and brought into the next.”

About Shébani

Iraqi-born and raised in the UAE, Shébani has quickly captured the hearts of listeners and fans worldwide with her unforced, yet captivating music that shines an introspective light onto our deepest emotions as humans and singing directly to our heart and soul. ‘

Vibrant, emotional, and unabashedly honest, Shébani effortlessly dives deep into the aspects of what it is to be human, encompassing all the beauty and flaws of fear, love, regret, bliss, or anxiety within her music.

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Elodie Rêverie – ‘Casa I Don’t Know’

Just cannot get enough from the anthemic chorus of Elodie Rêverie’s ‘Casa I Don’t Know’, an alluring dream pop & adult contemporary blend with ideally balanced vocals and a powerful enough melody that will seep into your brain right away. Ready for some nostalgia?

About Elodie Rêverie

“Elodie Rêverie embarked on a journey long ago. A journey that began in early childhood, with her fingers poised over piano keys and continues today, as she writes, performs, and produces her music with a fierce independence.

This self-reliant nature is born of a confidence gained the hard way. Gained via hours at the piano as a child in Brooklyn, and as a history major in college. Gained over months of primitive living in the Nevada desert. Gained from interning for a blues legend in Nashville. Gained from her time recording at the famed 4th Street Recording Studio in sunny Southern California. Gained with every instant she’s ever stepped up on a stage.

Intimately personal songwriting is not new to Rêverie which is why her lyrics and sultry vocals carry so much emotion.

Hammering beats drive much of her music with softer melodies bringing out the nuances in her voice which has been described as ethereal and dreamlike. Apt descriptions given rêverie is French for dream. The word is also the title of a classic composition by Claude Debussy which has always spoken to Elodie’s musical soul and perhaps sparked the musical journey that Elodie Rêverie now traverses.” (Written by Travis Erwin)

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Lazy Habits – ‘CTRL’

The lead single and video from Lazy Habits’ upcoming album ‘Vermillion Sands’ (April 2022), is a paramount slow-burner, with a superior climax after 3.30 mark, with impeccable production, rich arrangement, that brought in mind some of Archive’s best anthems. This genre-bending opus is about buying a dream and living the reality, and it’s definitely among the biggest 2022’s surprises… So far!

About Lazy Habits

Ever since Questlove picked up his drumsticks and gathered up a selection of kindred musical spirits in Philadelphia way back when, live bands within hip hop have been a cause for celebration. And today, carrying on that tradition, is the mighty Lazy Habits.

Having found a home within the infamous musical hotbed of London, UK, Lazy Habits have spent the last decade forging their own path in a territory increasingly populated by sound-alikes, thanks to a unique take on the live band angle, which includes two drummers and a substantial amount of brass.

The vision for the band was to create a sound that resembled the dynamic you get between a DJ and an MC, but through the use of live instrumentation. The result is a potent blend of contemporary and classic, with orchestral strains married perfectly with heavy hip hop drums and brooding bass-lines. At once gritty and soulful, they have managed to find a unique formula for success.

That formula has already earned them a lot of achievements, including the release of two acclaimed albums, a remix project, and a selection of singles and EPs. Their sophomore album, The Atrocity Exhibition, garnered a lot of attention from TV, with songs from the project used in a number of shows/films including Alleycats, Shameless (USA) and The Receptionist.

The band have a thirst for collaborations too, as demonstrated with the inclusion of a full string section and a harpist on each album. There are also collaborations outside the band, with features on recent albums from Joe Publik and More Like Trees, as well as past alliances with Miss Baby Sol, Ambush Tactics, Dizraeli and The Hackney Colliery Band.

As you would expect from a group of this nature, they excel at live show and have graced stages all over the world as a result. Notable performances include shows with Mos Def, Ozomatli, Young Blood Brass, Slum Village, DOOM, Asian Dub Foundation, Foreign Beggars and Kid Koala. There have also been a stack of festival appearances across Europe and Asia, including Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Their third album, which is due to emerge later in the year, continues their evolution and expanding sound, with vocal contributions from the likes of Miss Baby Sol, Onur, and Joshua Idehen of Sons of Kemet, as well as co-production credits from Benny Aves and Nutty P.

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Miranda Journey – ‘Skin and Bones’

Canadian indie freak folk singer/songwriter Miranda Journey recently gifted us with her latest single ‘Skin and Bones’, a dynamic indie folk gem “she wrote for herself after coming out of a super unhealthy relationship, and stepping into my power and self-worth”. It’s an anthem with an authoritative vocal performance we may all relate one way or another!

About Miranda Journey

Miranda Journey is an indie freak folk singer/songwriter based out of Collingwood, ON. Growing up in a musical family, Miranda had been inspired to pursue the arts her entire life. She began singing, songwriting and performing at the age of eight, and was self-taught with her ukulele playing.

With major influences like Florence Welch, Angel Olsen, Courtney Barnett, and Liza Anne, Miranda’s signature vocals and heartfelt, lyrically-driven songs leave the audience captivated and wanting more. She continues to explore new ways to incorporate and infuse throwback sounds and traditional folk with new experimental sounds. Considering herself to be “New Retro”, Miranda strives to stay authentic to her sound, but never put limitations on what she can create or evolve to.

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Krewella – ‘I’m Just A Monster Underneath, My Darling’

Sisters Jahan and Yasmine, Krewella, explore The Dark Side Of The Human Psyche With ‘I’m Just A Monster Underneath, My Darling’ – New Single From Upcoming Album ‘The Body Never Lies’. An obsessive mix of electro pop and drum n’ bass; An absolute energiser! 

About Krewella

Sisters Jahan and Yasmine exploded onto the scene in 2012 with their debut self-released album “Play Hard,” which has now been streamed over 130M times on Spotify alone; additionally, their single “Alive” from the EP has been certified Platinum. Since then, the duo has made a name for themselves and their hard-hitting yet melodic and vocal-driven sound through releases like “Live for the Night,” “Enjoy the Ride,” and more. In 2016, Krewella was awarded a coveted place on Forbes’s “30 Under 30” list. They have performed at major global music festivals including Coachella, Lollapalooza, EDC Las Vegas, Ultra Music Festival, iHeartRadio Music Festival, and many others, in addition to their own headlining tours. As one of the main elements of the Krewella canon, the group’s onstage performances serve as the live extension of their music and art. Incorporating a multitude of audiovisual elements together with Jahan and Yasmine’s live vocals and powerful onstage energy.

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Sir Glenn Lamar – ‘Liberation (On My Grind)’

The first release in two years for Sir Glenn Lamar, finds the artist at his best & most personal, with an empowering rap treasure showing off his flawless rapping style, but also unleashing powerful, addictive vibes full of emotion and rhymes about the artist’s “feeling about living his dreams, never quitting, and overcoming any and all challenges that life has thrown at him along the way”. On endless repeat! 

About Sir Glenn Lamar

If you’ve never heard of Sir Glenn Lamar (SGL), then you have been missing out on something special. This up-and-coming hip-hop artist is bringing a breath of fresh air into the industry with his unique sound, message, and delivery. Just imagine if Outkast and Lauren Hill merged to become one, this lyrical titan would be none other than Sir Glenn Lamar.

Before pursuing music full-time, SGL was on a very different path. As a kid, he grew up on the streets of Atlanta, and while many of his peers fell victim to the influence of the streets, SGL found a way out, earning himself a college degree. After graduating, SGL earned the opportunity to become an aide to a U.S. Congressman in 2010.

SGL followed the traditional path for several years. However, after losing one of his closest relatives to an unfortunate and untimely death, SGL realized life is too short not to go after what you truly want. In 2016, SGL made the bold decision to pursue his true passion and go after a music career wholeheartedly.

Since deciding to pursue music full time, SGL has released two independent EPs, one of which debuted at number four on the CMJ Hip-Hop Adds Chart. After some initial success, SGL is ready to take his music to the next level. Listeners won’t be disappointed by this “level up” experience, as their ears are blessed with the message and beats of his latest single “Liberation”, now available on all major streaming platforms.

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