Nine “fresh n’ Green”, ultra tasty tunes to feed your music appetite. We are pretty confident, you don’t wanna miss those ones right?

Ruby Sparks – ‘High & Dry’

The second single off Ruby Sparks’ forthcoming ‘California Honey’ EP is a riff-orgasmic alternative pop-rock treat with beautiful vocals and an epic crescendo, dealing with the “angst-fuelled release of ongoing American neoliberal failure”. 

About Ruby Sparks

For fans of the hit Teen American Drama Series, The O.C. who also voted for Bernie Sanders. Inspired by the Valerie Faris & Jonathan Dayton film of the same name, Ruby Sparks is the Indie Rock project of LA by way of Pennsylvania native Jake Sternberg. Utilizing the lush palette of The Beatles & Beach Boys-inspired harmonies and the slick guitar tones of Arctic Monkeys & Tame Impala – Ruby Sparks aims to connect listeners to the complexities of exploring one’s masculinity, & mental health.

The band’s new single “Realization,” tackles the existential, “I refuse to live a life in ignorance, of all that you don’t see. If only fear could make us curious maybe we’d have more empathy.” Attempting to find a semblance of connection in a world that often feels devoid of it. Through earnest vulnerability, Ruby Sparks attempts to connect the dormant nature of modern rock music with a generation desperately in search of change, and for anyone willing to join the fight to simply exist.

Featured by Merry-Go-Round Magazine, Independent Music, & Mystic Sons, Ruby Sparks is releasing their new EP – California Honey on 5/20 & headlining The Silverlake Lounge on 5/21.

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almost sex – ‘Show/Tell’

Boy-girl duo almost sex unleash the wooziest, lo-fi, indie folk sound with their stunning opener track ‘Show/Tell’ from their recently released EP ‘We’re Okay’…

About almost sex

Nick and Warren of the alt-pop project ‘almost sex,’ met on a dating app during the March 2020 lockdown in Brooklyn. Although they were unable to meet in person for several months, they worked remotely, sending lyrics and demos back and forth.

Little did they know, they were beginning both a romantic relationship and an artistic collaboration. When they finally met in person, Nick and Warren recorded and released their first single, “Knockoff.”

Their consecutive singles range from bedroom-pop to alt-folk, melding narrative-driven lyrics with vibrantly textured production.

Nick Louis is a multi-instrumental singer/songwriter with a unique ability to blend cross-genre sounds, lovely melodies, catchy hooks, and emotive vocals.

Warren LaSota is an architect, multi-media artist, and musician with a penchant for weaving lyrical narratives and translating soundscapes to a visual medium.

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The Bergamot – ‘Where the Wind Blows’

The Bergamot’s ‘Where the Wind Blows’ is a splendid indie pop-rock single, ideally mixed by Matt Wiggins (Glass Animals, Lon. Grmr.), and uplifting enough, for an indie party-starter!

About The Bergamot

The Bergamot is an American indie-folk-rock band based in Brooklyn, New York. The two founding members and songwriters of The Bergamot are husband and wife Nathaniel Hoff and Jillian Speece.

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Belaganas – ‘If You Want It’

Stunning visuals, spotless production and stylish blend of rap with hyperpop for Belaganas’ most recent release… “Sure you want it”!

About Belaganas

Belaganas is a band formed in Phoenix, Arizona that performs alternative hip-hop and bedroom pop. Formed by frontmen and vocalists Joey J and Shanker, the band also features drummer Nick Wille, and are known for their captivating live performances and emotionally charged music. The trio began writing music in summer of 2016 and since then has released a number of singles detailing teen angst and punk-style anthems delivered through hip-hop sonics. You can find the boys online through their social media @belaganasmusic to keep up with their antics

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LIAS – ‘Hide and Seek’

Emotive vocals, combined with solid, melodic techno/indietronica soundscapes for LIAS’ ‘Hide and Seek’, which is powerful enough to “pull us out of the darkness of heartbreak and depression and into a space of hope, light and ease…”

About LIAS

LIAS takes an unsparing look into his own soul. His songs delve into the fear of failure, the pain of separation, his fight for mental health and a young man’s search for meaning as he flips his entire life upside down to make music. The singer songwriter with Dutch roots, who completed a classical vocal training and already performed on the world’s great stages as a boy soloist, thus finally frees himself from the conservatism of his upbringing. He captures the emotional rawness of his inner world and juxtaposes it with a musical vastness that simultaneously manages to preserve its intimacy. His debut EP is set for release this summer.

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SAUCITO – ‘Better Answer’

An emotive indie r&b treat, with an intimate vocal performance by Maryland’s SAUCITO will leave whispering in tears that ……”love is the answer”… Yes, indeed!


Saucito lives in the dichotomous world of citrus sounds and sonic spice. The Afro-Latino, loosely Alternative R&B artist, songwriter, and musician has a direct line to the underbelly of our souls. Known primarily for his lustily groovy Spotify-playlist darling, “Purple,” and the invincible Latin opulence that is “Rápido,” featured in Bad Boys for Life (2020), Saucito has been playing with the recipe long enough to have found his essential ingredients. “I get to the truth first, then the music follows,” Saucito says of his process. This transparency and vulnerability makes sense when you understand his approach. “I start my sessions with meditating and setting an intention behind the meditation. It allows for alignment.”

Hailing from Maryland, but born into a transient family, Saucito credits the geographic activity in his life’s early years as the reason behind the way he views himself in the context of life and music. “I’ve lost a lot of friends [moving around], and I guess that translates to my records; how I can move through songs. I can recognize them as moving spirits that I’m just passing through.” Finding a bolster in music, Saucito took up piano at age 5, inspired by the example of his older brother. He employed a fusion of his lessons in piano, as well as guitar, with a play-it-by-ear technique through the years. His sound ultimately found its way to the ears of world renowned producer, C. Tricky Stewart.

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929 Reese – ‘RedMan’

Brooklyn’s up-and-coming rapper and entrepreneur 929 Reese recently gifted us with his self-made success anthem with the release of ‘Red Man’. Flawless & melodic!

About 929 Reese

929 Reese is one of the hottest new artists to come from Brooklyn, New York that’s ready to make a statement with his brand of melodic Hip Hop. Fueled by the death of his friend due to gun violence, the 19-year-old leaves it all on the table when it comes to his music. With his confessional lyrics, he brings listeners to his turf, Farragut Projects, through the hard-hitting and emotional records he cooks up on the daily. He’s a jack-of-all-trades that’s ready to show the world exactly what it is he can do. The former basketball player knew he had a future in music when his song “Hood Hero” blew up in his neighborhood and brought a buzz like no other. Despite only rapping for a few years, 929 Reese is already off to a great start collaborating with big-name artists such as Coi Leray and being played on Power 105.1. If you ask him, 929 will tell you everything that’s happening to him is only just the beginning.

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Lucy Camp – ‘Intuition’

Lucy Camp’s ‘Intuition’ is a compelling mixture of rap, post punk, wave and pop, to unleash the catchiest banger of 2022 so far. This artist is not afraid to cross forbidden territories, with her genre-bending sound, but she’s more than capable to create a unique sound of her own… Let’s call this “camp-wave”!

About Lucy Camp

25-year old Lucy Camp is a shape shifter. Project to project, she demonstrates a willingness to keep her audience guessing – from her trap/uk garage-tinged Down Talk EP (2016), the trip-hop visions of Whispers (2017), a complete shift into synthwave on 2018’s Summer Camp, Lo-fi Boom Bap on Someday Maybe (2020), to Darkwave Goth on her latest project Nights.

It’s easy to see why people are taking notice – her visuals have garnered over 2.5 Million views on YouTube alone and amassed her over 22.5M plays on TikTok, with co-signs from taste-maker outlets like BBC 1, 2DopeBoyz, Reddit’s r/listentothis section, Tommy Boy and Crack In The Road, who described her as “a potential game changer.” Relentless with her output, Lucy was involved in a near-fatal car accident in August of 2019, a subject she explores on her mixtape Campfire, with the song “Drive” that crescendos to a goosebump-inducing finale that puts you directly in her shoes and offers closure on her boom-bap EP Someday Maybe with the track ” Healing V2 “. Her latest project Nights, produced by longtime producer Peter Anthony Red, veers even further into new territory, which sonic sweeps into Darkwave & Industrial Goth vibes.

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Danny Mauricio – ‘Back to the Wall’

Just cannot get enough from Danny Mauricio’s addictive vibes, the sinister piano loop and high voltage rapping for the anthemic banger ‘Back to the Wall’… Ready to make waves!

About Danny Mauricio

Hip Hop artist and songwriter Danny Mauricio , is starting to make his way into the music scene with his latest release “Rise Above”. From small town Annandale, Virginia his music is quickly coming up on the radar of those around him. Inspired by artists such as Drake, A$AP Rocky, and the likes of Joey Badass, they have all molded his style of music. His sound is unique using synths that follow a trap based sound, but also pays homage to eccentric, word-play that comes with hip-hop. His thought-provoking lyrics along with his world play leave the listener wondering about how different lines and metaphors connect. With only his first release Daniel plans on releasing more music true to him in the near future!

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